The Difference Between Contractors Liability Insurance and a Contractor’s Bond

Construction WorkersAs a contractor, you are exposed to many risks that could shut you down in no time. You need protection against the potential liabilities you face in order to keep your business moving forward, even after someone is hurt or financially injured by the activities of your business.

But contractors aren’t the only individuals exposed to risk in a client/ contractor relationship. When an individual hires a contractor, they also need protection—but in this case, the protection is against issues that could arise due to a contractor’s inability to complete a job according to the client’s requirements.

There are two different plans of assurance that can deal with each of these needs: Contractors liability insurance and a contractor’s bond.

Contractors Liability Insurance

If you want to protect yourself and your business against medical and other claims that can arise due to carelessness on a jobsite or an accident that happens with your equipment, then contractors liability insurance is a must-have for your insurance arsenal. Like any liability insurance policy, it protects you against claims of your clients, subcontractors or even just passersby who are hurt or adversely affected by the activities and equipment of your business.

Contractors liability insurance policies have deductibles and limits and they have their own caveats for what is and isn’t covered. When you take out a policy, be sure to address any specific challenges that your business faces that expose you to liabilities that you want covered.

Contractor’s Bond

A contractor’s bond is a guarantee by a third party that you will complete the work that has been requested of you, that you will pay for all supplies you order and that your work will be of the quality the client expects from you. As a bonded contractor, you have paid a company to issue a financial compensation to a client when you walk off their premises without meeting any of the previously mentioned expectations.

When you are a professional contractor, you always want to work in a professional manner. But for clients, it can be difficult to tell the difference between a professional contractor who takes his or her work seriously and one who isn’t qualified to do the work they need. One of the easiest ways to set yourself apart and show your clients how much you respect their time and money is to have yourself bonded and covered by a liability insurance policy. These are professional moves that really help to separate the pros from the amateurs.

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