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Free Insurance Quotes, Reliable Coverage

At Breathe Easy Insurance, we make it as simple as possible to get great coverage for your home, vehicle, business, and more at monthly premiums you can afford. We're known for our affordable, reliable SR22 insurance, but we also provide clients with a variety of other dependable insurance policies as well.

We Offer a Wide Range of Insurance Policy Types

We're dedicated to protecting you, your family, and your property. To help you build an appropriate safety net, we offer several common varieties of insurance:

  • SR22 insurance

A vehicle liability insurance required by the DMV to reinstate driving privileges after an offense like a DUI.

  • Homeowners insurance

This insurance will cover costs of certain repairs or replacements after damage to your residence (causes that are covered are defined by the individual policy).

  • Auto insurance

Required by law, car insurance protects you in the case of an auto accident/auto damage.

  • Motorcycle insurance

A specific type of insurance that covers you in the case of a motorcycle accident or other motorcycle damage (also required to legally operate a motorcycle on public roads).

  • Boat insurance

Insurance that will cover you in the case of a boat accident or other boat damage.


  • RV insurance

Vehicle-specific insurance that covers you in the case of a recreational vehicle (RV) accident or other RV damage.

  • Commercial insurance

Protects business owners in the case of unexpected losses and financial difficulty, as well as worker’s compensation and certain kinds of liability.

  • Renters insurance

This type of insurance protects renters in the case of damage to an apartment, townhome, or another rental residence.

Get a Quote Right Now for Coverage with Breathe Easy Insurance

Whether you need SR22 insurance to get back behind the wheel or homeowners insurance to protect you in the case of damage to your apartment, Breathe Easy Insurance can make it happen. Our competitive rates make it possible for you to manage and mitigate life's risks without breaking the bank. Simply provide us with a small amount of information, and we'll give you a personalized quote tailored to your needs!

Call us today at 833.786.0237, to speak with an agent, or fill out our online quote request form. We'll get back to you as soon as possible to help you craft the perfect insurance policy to protect your interests and assets.

In addition to SR22 insurance policies, we also have great rates for:

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