When is SR-22 Required in Arkansas

Many states require SR22 insurance after DUI / DWI. Arkansas does not require SR22 insurance after a DWI.

However, SR-22 may be required for other offenses that result in a driver's license suspension AFTER a criminal conviction (i.e. vehicular homicide)

How long is SR-22 Required in Arkansas

3 years

Minimum Insurance Requirements in AR

$25,000 - Bodily injury or death of one person
$50,000 - Bodily injury or death of two or more persons
$25,000 - Property damage

DUI Arrest Process

  1. Arrest
  2. Administrative Hearing
  3. Trial
  4. Sentencing



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Penalties for DUI Conviction

1st Offense:

Jail Time: 24 hours up to 1 year

Fine: $150-$1,000

Driver's License Suspension: 6 months

2nd Offense:

Jail Time: 7 days up to 1 year

Fine: $400-$3,000

Driver's License Suspension: 24 months

3rd Offense:

Jail Time: 90 days up to 1 year

Fine: $900-$5,000

Driver's License Suspension: 30 months

4th Offense:

Jail Time: 1 year up to 6 years

Fine: $900-$5,000

Driver's License Suspension: 4 years


Arkansas Ignition Interlock Law

If you are convicted of a DWI and it is your first or second offense, the court may order you to install an ignition interlock device (IID) in your vehicle. If it is your third or subsequent DWI, the court will order you to install an IID in your vehicle. You will be restricted to interlock driving for one year from the date of your driver's license reinstatement.

Length of IID Requirement:

1st Offense: 6 months

2nd Offense: 24 months

3rd Offense: 30 months to 4 years

Treatment Requirement: Yes, must provide proof of attendance at and completion of the alcohol education program or alcohol treatment program before reinstatement of driving privileges.


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