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Answers to Common Questions About IIDs

Breathe Easy is partnered with Intoxalock, the #1 interlock brand in the US. This page answers some of the most common questions about getting an ignition interlock device (IID). If you’re required to install an IID from an approved provider after a drunk driving incident, Intoxalock can help. They offer affordable devices and meet state criteria in 46 states. Fill out the form on this page to get a free quote.

Ignition interlock devices are often required following a DUI incident. An ignition interlock device, also called a car breathalyzer, is installed to prevent drunk driving. Here’s how they work:

  • Initial test: The driver must take a Breath Alcohol Content test and pass it in order to start the vehicle. They will blow into the device and wait for their result. If their result is below the state’s allowed limit, they will be able to start the car. If not, they will receive a fail and must wait until they pass to start the car.
  • Random retests: During most trips, the interlock device will request retests at random intervals. This is to prevent device tampering and ensure the driver remains sober throughout the trip.
  • State monitoring: When a driver is required to install an IID, the results from each test are reported to the appropriate state monitoring authority. Multiple failures can result in additional penalties, including an extended interlock term.
  • Calibration: Customers return to the service center every 60 to 90 days to have their device calibrated. This ensures the device is accurately reporting to the state monitoring authority.

Breathe Easy is the insurance partner of Intoxalock®, the #1 interlock brand in the United States. We work with Intoxalock to help our customers get back on the road following a drunk driving offense. Their devices feature a simple one-button operating system, an easy breath testing pattern, and Intoxalock has more service centers than any other provider.

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