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Need SR22 Insurance?


An SR22 is a certificate your insurance company provides that proves you carry your state’s minimum requirement of liability insurance. While many people believe SR22 is insurance coverage itself, it’s the documentation that proves you are insured to drive. Almost every state requires an SR22, or Safety Responsibility, a certificate for high-risk drivers.

Once you have an insurance policy that meets your state’s requirements, your insurance provider will electronically file your SR22 certificate with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. Once this certificate is on file, the DMV will reinstate your license, and you can start driving again.

Who needs an SR22?

While every state has laws about SR22 requirements, you will likely need an SR22 if you have been found guilty of any of the following:

  • Drunk driving conviction
  • Failing to provide proof of auto insurance
  • Incurring an excessive number of traffic tickets
  • Having unsatisfied judgments
  • Falsifying insurance documents
  • Involuntary or voluntary manslaughter
  • Operating a vehicle with a suspended license

To regain your driving privileges, you must have an SR22 on file with the DMV.

How long do you need an SR22?

Most states require drivers to have an SR22 on file for three years, although some state laws vary. The certificate stays valid as long as you pay your insurance premiums in full and on time. If your insurance coverage lapses, you may be required to maintain an SR22 certificate for a longer period of time, depending on the offense.

Your insurance policy will be canceled if you fail to pay your premiums, and your insurance provider will notify the DMV that your coverage has lapsed, who will then revoke your driver’s license. To reinstate your license, pay your overdue insurance premiums and your insurance provider can refile your SR22 with the DMV. Once your insurance provider refiles the SR22, you will need to visit your local DMV office to pay a reinstatement fee and regain driving privileges.

Breathe Easy will contact you once your SR22 certification is about to expire.

How much does SR22 cost?

The SR22 certificate itself is not expensive. However, drivers who are required to get an SR22 have been identified as high risk, so their insurance premiums will generally be three to five times the rate of a standard insurance policy. For example, if your premium was $60 per month, you can expect to pay $180–$300 per month for your auto insurance while you have an SR22 requirement. You may still have to pay higher premiums once you are no longer required to have an SR22 certificate on file.

How do you get an SR22?

Breathe Easy helps our customers get SR22 documentation so you can get back on the road. We’ll help you understand what coverage you need, help you purchase cheap SR22 coverage, and provide tips on how to keep your costs low. Once you’ve purchased an insurance policy, we file your SR22 certificate with the DMV. Call Breathe Easy at 866.822.7755 to get a free, no-obligation quote.

What is non-owner SR22 Insurance?

Drivers who don’t own a car and need an SR22 certificate are required to file a non-owners SR22 certificate. If you don’t own a vehicle but have regular access to someone else’s vehicle, you will need to purchase an insurance policy that meets your state’s minimum liability requirements and have your insurance provider file the non-owners SR22 certificate with the DMV.

Why choose Breathe Easy?

Breathe Easy partners with our customers to help them understand SR22 certificate, purchase affordable insurance, and file the certificate with the DMV.   We are a full-range insurance provider, not just limited to SR-22s.  We offer competitive rates on a broad range of policies, including auto, home, motorcycles, renters, RV, boat, business, and commercial.   Whether you are classified as a high-risk driver or want to save money on your insurance policy, we can help.

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For more information on SR22 Insurance or to receive a free, no-obligation quote, call us today at 866.822.7755.

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