What are non-owner auto insurance and sr22?

If your driver's license was previously suspended due to an excess of traffic tickets or a DUI, the process of getting your license reinstated and getting back on the road is more complex than it would be otherwise.

If your driver’s license is suspended for one of these reasons, the majority of states require by law that you obtain an auto insurance policy with an SR22 certification before you can have your license reinstated.

Typically this mandate applies whether or not you own a car. Only eight states in the U.S. do not have this requirement including, Pennsylvania, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Delaware, Kentucky, Minnesota, and New Mexico.

However, if you intend to move from one of these states to a state where SR22 auto insurance is required (such as California), you will need to purchase the non-owner policy to obtain a driver’s license in your new home state.

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If you do not own a vehicle and but are required to file an SR22, you will need to contact an insurance agent to purchase a non-owner auto insurance policy. Be sure to let the agent know your situation. The agent will guide you through the process and SR22 requirements. They can even electronically complete and file the required SR22 forms for you.


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As with any other insurance policy, it's important to remember to always pay your premiums on time. If you fail to pay your non-owner auto insurance premiums, your agent is required by law to notify the state. If your policy lapses for any reason, it is likely that the state will re-suspend your license until you re-purchase and re-file new SR22 paperwork.


Even a non-owner auto insurance policy must maintain the state-mandated minimum coverage limits, usually including liability coverage for property damage and bodily injury. Most states require non-owners auto insurance coverage and an SR22 certificate for three years, but the amount of time that you will be required to maintain SR22 certification can vary by location and situation. Make sure that you are aware of your state's SR22 laws, as well as any additional requirements mandated by the courts and/or DMV in your area.




While it may sound strange to carry a car insurance policy when you don't own a vehicle, a non-owner auto insurance policy covers vehicles you might drive temporarily, such as when borrowing a car from a friend. If you have a car registered in your name, keep a car at your residence, or have been given a car for daily use, these vehicles will not be covered under the non-owner auto insurance. Should you purchase a car or otherwise have a vehicle registered to you, you must immediately update your insurance agent so you can switch to an owner policy.




The costs of a non-owner auto insurance policy with an SR22 vary based on a number of factors, including your driving history and location. The major costs associated with non-owner SR22 insurance are the premiums. However, the insurance carrier often charges a small fee for filing the SR22 forms (typically ranging from $15-25). Non-owner auto insurance costs vary by state, but because those with a history of traffic and/or DUI violations are considered high-risk, carrying the SR22 will generally cost more than a regular non-owner auto insurance policy.



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Non-owner auto insurance policies are generally less expensive than standard auto policies, even with the SR22 certification, primarily because you don't have a car and won't be expected to drive often.


At Breathe Easy Insurance, we can help you find the best possible rates on non-owner auto insurance to save you the maximum amount of money. For a free quote on non-owner coverage and SR22 from Breathe Easy Insurance, request a quote online or call us today at 833.786.0237.