Being convicted of DUI or DWAI in the State of Colorado will cause your insurance premium to spike dramatically. At Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions our trained DUI insurance agents understand DMV and insurance requirement after a DUI. You do not have to pay an extreme premium to insurance your vehicle after a DUI. Our staff will file your SR22 and set up a DUI insurance program to satisfy the DMV and get your license back. This is all done while providing a manageable insurance rate to cover your vehicle. Understanding the law and requirements is the key to our success. Not to mention, the relationships with have developed with a host of insurance carriers that gives us the ability to shop for a policy that will fit your coverage needs and budget. Do not be a victim to extreme premium increases. We have the insurance solution that will work for you.

If your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) exceeds .05 but is less than .08 the state views you as “impaired” by alcohol. If your blood alcohol concentration is .08 or higher you’re considered “under the influence of alcohol” and your alleged offense will be a DUI. When a driver is blood alcohol concentration is .17 or higher you are considered a persistent drunk driver and you are subject to greater penalties under Colorado law.


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Minimum Insurance Requirements in CO

$25,000 - Bodily injury
$50,000 - Bodily injury to all persons involved in an accident
$15,000 - Property damage


Why does the DMV require an SR22? How long will I need an SR22 on file?

An SR22 is a “proof of financial responsibility” certificate required by the DMV in order for a restricted license to be issued. Without an SR22 on file with the DMV, your license will remain suspended. The SR22 is attached to an insurance policy. Essentially, the DMV requires this form attached to an insurance policy because they want to know you have the basic limits of liability insurance required to legally operate a vehicle in Colorado. There are several ways to file an SR22, and understanding insurance and DMV requirements will allow you to file the SR22 more cost-effectively. Most insurance companies file SR22’s. However, if your current carrier files your SR22, they will be informed of your current DUI offense immediately.


Ignition Interlock Device

An ignition interlock device (IID) is very similar to a breathalyzer and is used to measure your blood alcohol concentration level (BAC). This mechanism is attached to the ignition of your vehicle. It requires a driver to blow into the device. If alcohol is present in your blood, the vehicle will not start. Under the new legislation, many counties in Colorado are now requiring IID’s to be installed in vehicles after a DUI. Contact a local attorney to see if an IID is required in your case.

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