Breathe Easy Insurance is a One-Stop License Support Team that can assist you in filing an SR-22.  The Washington State Department of Licensing requires the proof of financial responsibility (SR-22) if you have been convicted of certain offenses such as driving under the influence, failed to pay judgments, or driven or owned a vehicle involved in an accident. 

When is SR22 Required? 

An SR -22 is required for anyone who has:

  1. Been convicted of, or forfeited bail for, certain offenses.
  2. Failed to pay judgments.
  3. Driven or owned a vehicle involved in an accident

Furthermore, in order to get the IID license, an individual must do the following:

  1. Install an ignition interlock device in the vehicle.
  2. Get proof of financial responsibility, such as a Certificate of Insurance (SR-22).
  3. Apply online through License eXpress or submit a Restricted Driver License Application with the fee.



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How long is SR-22 Required

The DOL can require the SR-22 certificate to be on file for up to three (3) years.  It is imperative that you do not cancel your policy or allow it to lapse during the three-year requirement.  The Department of Licensing can suspend or revoke your driving privileges if you allow this to happen.

SR-22 Statutory Limits

$25k Bodily injury or death of one person

$50k Bodily injury or death of two or more persons

$10k Property damage

Approved Policy Types

Auto policy

Broad Form

Named Non-owner

When is Ignition Interlock Device (IID) Required?

While a driver’s license is suspended or revoked, the individual may get an Ignition Interlock Driver’s License that will allow someone to drive a vehicle equipped with an ignition interlock device for the period of your suspension or revocation.

To be eligible for an IID license, the person’s driving record must show all of the following:

  1. An arrest or conviction of any of the following:
    • DUI or Physical Control involving drugs or alcohol
    • Reckless Driving
    • Vehicular Assault involving drugs or alcohol
    • Vehicular Homicide involving drugs or alcohol
  2. The person must have an unexpired WA driver license or a valid out of state driver license
  3. The current suspension or revocation doesn't include:
    • Minor in Possession, or
    • Habitual Traffic Offender (Suspended 1st degree)

DUI Definition

A driver may be charged with DUI if:

  1. The results of a breath or blood test show the amount of alcohol in the driver's blood to be:
    .08 or higher for adults (over 21)
    .04 or higher for commercial vehicle drivers
    .02 or higher for minors (under 21); or
  2. He or she is found to be driving a vehicle under the influence or affected by alcohol, any drug, or a combination of alcohol and drugs, regardless of the concentration of alcohol in their breath or blood.

The definition of a drug also includes any chemical inhaled or ingested for its intoxicating or hallucinatory effects.

Getting Your License Back

At Breathe Easy Insurance, we understand that this process can be overwhelming.  We are proud to be a one-stop license support team.  Our agents will not only assist you in submitting an SR-22 certificate, but we can also help you with obtaining your Ignition Interlock Driver License.

Our staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with any of your insurance needs.  We understand that this may be a difficult time for you and your family.  Our agents make obtaining an SR-22 easy and affordable.  Contact our offices today to get a free quote.

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