SR22 Insurance Tips

Couple drivingLife can be busy and unfortunately, some people get so busy that they may forget to pay their car insurance bill. That is not a good thing because if you get stopped by the police or you are in an accident, not having the required car insurance means that you might have to get SR22 insurance. If you don’t get this insurance, you could lose your driver’s license. So, SR22 insurance is important and there are some tips we’d like to share with you.


  1. Before you purchase SR22 insurance, go to your state’s DMV. Double check your driving record. Having a clean record will help you find more reasonable SR22 rates. Even an unpaid parking ticket can raise the price of SR22, so pay off all those tickets and clean up your record as much as you can.
  2. Set up an automatic draft with your bank to pay your insurance. Most insurance companies give a discount if you use an automatic draft. That way they know they are getting paid, and you won’t be in this same situation of forgetting to pay the insurance bill on time.
  3. Take a driver safety course. Taking this course shows that you are serious about being a responsible driver, and some insurance agencies will give you a discount when you finish the course. In the long run, saving just a little bit on your insurance each year will make a difference in your overall cost.
    Last but not least—drive sober, drive with insurance and drive carefully so that after your SR22 is expired, your insurance rates can go down and you can avoid ever having another SR22.

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