How Your Smart Home Can Save You Money

home_plan_blueprintJust like the cell phone in your pocket, homes are getting smarter too. Technological advances are making it easier and more efficient to run a household, which also helps insurance providers create more accurate risk profiles. Insurers have already been offering usage-based auto insurance due to the information retrieved from smarter cars, and now they’re trying it out with smarter homes as well.

Because homeowners are increasingly gaining more control over their homes, whether on the property or controlling systems remotely, homes are becoming safer for families. Let’s look at a few of the ways a smart home can help save you money.

  • Some newer refrigerator models are able to alert owners if there is a power outage, if the door is left open or even if food is running low.
  • Many thermostats can now be controlled remotely to help cut back on energy usage while away.
  • Similarly, you can remotely control certain lighting fixtures so you never have to worry about leaving the lights on again.
  • Water leak detectors can be installed in basements and near appliances in order to alert the owner if a pipe has burst or a flood is caused some other way. Some of these detectors will also automatically turn off the water supply to malfunctioning appliances.
  • You can install door locks and window shades that can be locked/unlocked or opened/closed remotely to increase your home’s security.
  • Some sprinkler systems can be controlled remotely in case you forgot to change the watering schedule.
    This technology not only saves you money through creating a more water- and energy-efficient home, but this efficiency can also lead to home insurance savings because of the reduced risk of filing a claim.

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