Three Myths about Auto Insurance

Dog on Breathe Easy Insurance carNow that you finally own a car, it’s time to shop around for the best deals or the cheapest auto insurance possible according to your needs and budget. In California, auto insurance is a state requirement that covers accident and damage costs you and your vehicle may cause.

To help you better understand your insurance policy, here are three car insurance myths and the truths behind them:

Myth #1: Personal Car Insurance Covers Business Use

Many car owners drive their vehicles to work or to fulfill business-related tasks, but depending on your policy, it may not cover you from accidents related to work. Self-employed individuals and those running a business using a personal vehicle are different cases as well. To get the protection you need, be specific and inform your insurance provider about your vehicle’s intended use.

Myth #2: Personal Car Insurance Covers Personal Property

Did you know that if your laptop or any other personal item was stolen while it was in your vehicle, the insurance company isn’t liable to replace it? This is because auto insurance is designed to protect you from accidents or other unfortunate events like fire and theft. To avoid thefts and similar incidents, make sure to avoid leaving valuables inside your vehicle.

Myth #3: Liability Insurance Is Enough

While it’s the minimum requirement in California, liability insurance is generally not enough to cover accident costs in today’s market, notwithstanding serious cases of injury and damage. Aside from car repairs and rising health care expenses, there may also be attorney fees to consider. Safe to say, leave such matters in the hands of professionals, or specifically, your insurance company, so the provider accurately calculates how much coverage you actually need.

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