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New Year’s Eve: Making It a Safe One

New Year’s Eve: Making It a Safe One New Year’s Eve. It’s a night to celebrate the upcoming year and to bid farewell to the last. The key to making this New Year’s Eve a safe and memorable one is to plan ahead so that you do not put yourself in a situation that you will…

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4th of July Safety: DUI Facts

4th of July Safety: DUI Facts The Fourth of July holiday is a great time to make memories celebrating with family and friends. Don’t let a DUI be part of those memories. DUI offenses are greatly increased during Independence Day and to help prevent getting charged with one, it is important to know the facts. Not driving…

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Night Driving Safety

Night Driving Safety Night driving poses additional challenges when compared to driving on a nice, sunny day. No matter whether it is fall, winter, spring, or summer, it is imperative to demonstrate additional caution when driving in the evening for optimal safety. National Safety Council statistics indicate that night driving accounts for approximately 23 percent…

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Staying Safe on Road Trips

Staying Safe on Road Trips   As Americans gear up for the traveling season, millions of people will take to the nation’s highways for vacations, sight-seeing, visiting national parks and seeing family members. Whenever you are preparing to travel, you need to be aware of common types of hazards that can occur and what to…

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