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Electric Cars: A Historic Overview

The idea of electric cars has taken the world by storm. Whether focused on saving money on fuel costs or conserving the environment, car drivers have taken notice of the many options of electric vehicles that are hitting the market. However, electric automobiles are anything but new. The concept of electric vehicles can be traced…

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Driving Safe in the Rain

Driving Safe in the Rain Happy Spring! This season brings new flowers, lush green lawns, and also increased rainfall. While we welcome the rain to supply water to areas that are in a drought, and feed our lawns and flowers, it can at times decrease visibility and traction when driving. When roads are wet but still driveable, following…

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Staying Safe on Road Trips

Staying Safe on Road Trips   As Americans gear up for the traveling season, millions of people will take to the nation’s highways for vacations, sight-seeing, visiting national parks and seeing family members. Whenever you are preparing to travel, you need to be aware of common types of hazards that can occur and what to…

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