Staying Informed About Vehicle Safety Recalls

Staying Informed About Vehicle Safety Recalls

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How do you stay informed about any recalls that may apply to your car or truck? Each year, several vehicles are recalled for safety reasons. From ignition switches that unexpectedly switch off the car to gas pedals that accelerate without operator intervention, unsafe vehicle features can affect any make or model of car. Vehicle recall notices are issued each year, but you may have overlooked these recalls. Manufacturers often submit notices for these recalls via US Mail. However, these notices may go unnoticed or unopened. Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions provides suggestions for how you can stay on top of any recalls that pertain to your vehicle.

Though some recalls apply to minor features and inconveniences that may occur with a particular make or model, some recalls may have serious consequences if not immediately addressed. In addition to paying attention to notices that you may receive in the mail from your vehicle manufacturer, there are a few actions you can take to ensure that you are notified about important recalls that may be applicable to your vehicle.

One thing to remember is that the vehicle manufacturer covers all costs to repair your car or truck due to recalls, so you will not be required to pay for these repairs. You simply need to get your vehicle to the repair shop and leave it for the time that is required to make the repair.

1. Use an Online Search Tool to Identify Recall Notices for Your Vehicle

You can enter your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) into the Safer Car VIN tool to see any recalls that apply to your vehicle or a vehicle you are considering for purchase. Your vehicle’s VIN is posted inside the driver’s side door where the door meets the frame, and in the lower left driver’s side of the dash, just under the windshield. Use the tool to quickly find any recall notices that have been issued by the vehicle’s manufacturer.

2. Register Your Vehicle with the NHTSA

The federal National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provides a service to vehicle owners that allows them to register with the agency to receive email and text alerts about safety recalls. Check the NHTSA site for more information. You can also download and install the SaferCar app to your mobile phone or device.

3. Select an Auto Insurance Company That Provides Vehicle Recall Notices

Certain car insurance carriers provide the service of tracking their customers’ vehicle recall notices for them. Choose an insurance carrier that provides this service to ensure you are notified of any recalls that pertain to you.

Don’t take chances with your safety! Make sure that you address any repairs for which the manufacturer has issued a recall in a timely manner.

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