While the law requires motorcyclists to have general liability coverage in their motorcycle insurance policy, it may not be enough to protect them when they most need it. To get full protection, motorcyclists may have to get underinsured coverage in tandem with uninsured coverage.

What is Uninsured and Underinsured Coverage?

Uninsured coverage, like the name suggests, protects motorcyclists when they are hit by a driver or another motorcyclist who doesn’t have car or motorcycle insurance, while underinsured coverage serves to bridge the financial gap when the driver at fault has an inadequate amount of insurance to pay for damages to you.

Additionally, uninsured coverage may be split further, whether for bodily injuries or property damage. The former pays for medical-related expenses such as tests and medicines while the latter pays for expenses to your property like your motorcycle.

Why Get Both Types of Coverage?

The long and short of getting both types of coverage is for your financial protection. For example, during the winter, some motorcyclists opt not to get insurance because they aren’t planning on using their bikes. As practical as it is on the surface to skip paying for motorcycle insurance during these idle months, they may still ride their motorcycles thinking nothing will happen. Unfortunately, accidents happen unexpectedly and the only way to protect yourself from such a scenario is to get uninsured coverage.

Meanwhile, getting underinsured coverage will help protect you from out-of-pocket expenditures. As accident costs can pile up quickly, especially medical bills, so too can the amount of general liability coverage disappear quickly. This is why most motorcyclists opt to get underinsured coverage to complement uninsured coverage.

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