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Fresno Criminal Defense Attorney Jonathan Rooker understands the decision of which criminal defense attorney to hire is one of the most important an accused can make during a tough period of life. Jonathan has experience defending both state and federal criminal cases. Hiring the right attorney for you and your case can make a difference in your life. Jonathan gained experience while employed at the Fresno County Public Defenders Office. He defended a wide array of criminal matters, in multiple courtrooms. The experience he gained is essential in defending criminal allegations.

After leaving the Fresno County Public Defender's Office, Jonathan quickly transitioned into private practice working primarily in the field of Criminal Defense. The change has allowed Jonathan the freedom to spend more time with each client and each case. It is important to investigate each case, talk with clients, witnesses, and even visit crime scenes when necessary. Understanding the facts that relate to the law is essential to defending a criminal matter.

Jonathan regularly practices law in Madera County, Kings County, and Tulare county. Madera Criminal courts, as all counties, operate in a different manner than Fresno Courts. Tulare County criminal courts, mostly located in Visalia following the court closures a year ago, also have their own distinct nuances, that an attorney should be familiar with. Kings County also varies in the manner in which they call cases, sentence defendants, and even the start times for each court in each county.

Jonathan uses his superior education as one his tools to help defend your case. He is a member of the California DUI Lawyers Association and the National College for DUI Defense. His education includes: PC 832 Basic Reserve Police Academy Level III; B.S. Criminology; M.S. Ed. Counseling; Juris Doctor of Law.

While in law school Jonathan had many noteworthy accomplishments: A prestigious Witkin Award and 2nd year Student of the year. Jonathan Completed Law School in 3 years.

While practicing law, Jonathan continues to aggressively pursue his educational objectives, accumulating continuing legal education credits and multiple certificates from numerous courses and seminars. Some of which include: Standardized Field Sobriety Test Student Course; from La Pier & Associates; Standardized Field Sobriety Test Instructors Course from La Pier & Associates; American Chemical Society: Forensic Chromatography X: Theory and Practice at Axion Laboratories in Chicago Illinois; He is currently earning credits toward a Masters of Science Degree in Forensic Toxicology.

The aggressive approach of Law Enforcement in Fresno and the surrounding counties has caused innocent people to be accused of Driving Under the Influence along with other criminal allegations. The legal burden to cite and arrest a motorist for DUI is merely probable cause. The burden to convict is much higher, consequently, people do fight and win their DUI cases on a regular basis. Don't let a false accusation of DUI ruin your driving record, insurance, criminal record and job opportunities.

Following Jonathan's belief that education is the best tool toward an effective defense, Jonathan is attended a seminar in New Orleans during the month of March of 2014. The topic was "Mastering Scientific Evidence" which is a subject of great importance when defending criminal allegation.

If you need a Criminal Defense Attorney in Fresno, Ca to represent you, Jonathan Rooker is available for free consultation visits at no charge to you.