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Having your license suspended or revoked in Newport Beach can have devastating consequences. Whether your license is suspended due to driving under the influence, being an uninsured driver or if you have had too many points on your record, you may have to file an SR22 Insurance Certificate.

An SR22 Filing can be confusing as it is not actually insurance. It is often referred to as SR22 Insurance, but in fact it is a certificate that provides proof of financial responsibility to the California Department of Motor Vehicles. The certificate will have to stay on file for a minimum of 3 years and is placed in addition to your regular auto insurance. Failure to maintain an SR22 for the DMV mandated amount of time could result in the automatic suspension of your license.

Filing an SR22 in Newport Beach

Following a license suspension for a Newport Beach DUI you will be required to file proof of financial responsibility with the DMV. It is important to note that an SR22 is not solely required after a conviction for driving under the influence. When you are arrested for a DUI you will have an administrative per se hearing through the Department of Motor Vehicles. If your license is suspended as a result of that hearing then it will trigger the requirement to provide an SR22.

The California DMV may also require an SR22 to be filed if you have too many points on your record, if you were involved in an accident and did not have auto insurance or for a number of other reasons following a license suspension or revocation. If you are required to file a certificate  you need to act fast to get your driving privileges reinstated. Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions can help. We offer affordable options and can cover all of your insurance needs. Call our offices today at 866.822.7755 for a free quote. We electronically file your certificate to provide the quickest and most reliable coverage available.

Finding Low-Cost SR22 Insurance in Newport Beach

Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions is committed to providing cheap SR22 Insurance. We have dedicated agents that work around the clock to provide you coverage that you can count on. Our professionalism is unparalleled. We work closely with the DMV and will help you understand all of the filing requirements as well as how to get your full driving privileges reinstated. Our low cost insurance policies are backed by years of experience. Call us today to get our rates and get back on track.