New COVID-19 Reinstatement Process

CALIFORNIA – One thing that hasn’t changed during the COVID-19 outbreak is that driving can be a critical need. That’s why Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions continues to help drivers affected by a DUI navigate the new DMV processes, and meet the license reinstatement requirements quickly and affordably.

UPDATED DMV PROCESS – Field offices are temporarily closed to the public statewide. However, the Mandatory Actions Unit is fully functional and processing all SR22 certificates, Proof of Enrollments, and Ignition Interlock Device Installation certificates. Drivers can reinstate their licenses through the DMV without an appointment. Once the required documents are on file, drivers can pay fines through the mail. After receiving payment, the DMV will mail the driver’s license back.

reinstatement process

*The new procedures will take longer than usual. Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions knows the exact DMV process. For more information and to get started immediately contact Breathe Easy at (866) 822-7755

DUI PROGRAM ENROLLMENT – California has designated DUI treatment programs as an essential service, and most are open and continuing to enroll new clients. Many programs may require a new approach to stay open during the COVID-19 outbreak.

For example, when running small client groups isn’t feasible, many DUI programs are enrolling clients with a “Leave of Absence” status. That way, the program can continue to receive the necessary funds and allow clients to drive legally.

DUI Programs Open for Enrollment - Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions continues to refer customers to open treatment programs accepting enrollments. (Live Updated List Link)

Click the link below to download the DMV’s new processes RoadMap. Breathe Easy encourages all DUI attorneys to share the new processes with their clients and colleagues to help ensure successful license reinstatements. They may also contact Breathe Easy for guidance at (866) 822-7755

DMV RoadMap for Clients (COVID-19 procedures)

To get started now call (866) 822-7755 or text “DriveNowToday” to 555-888

Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions is a One-Stop License Reinstatement Support Team that makes the process easy and affordable.

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