Motorcycle Gas Goes Green

motorcycle-pictureMotorcycle Gas Goes Green

If you drive a motorcycle in California, chances are that you have at least thought about how to save money and help out the environment at the same time. The best part of the tips provided below is that they will reduce your carbon footprint and save you money at the pump every time you need to fill up.

Consider Fuel-Flex Vehicles

To be able to use fuel in your vehicle that is not gasoline, you will need a fuel-flex vehicle, which is one that is able to run on multiple fuels. Many of these vehicles are designed to mostly run on an ethanol-gasoline blend, which is more friendly to the environment overall.

Part of what makes ethanol a better choice for the environment as a fuel is that it is mostly produced from plant materials. The major source of ethanol fuel right now is corn. This is a much safer and cleaner alternative to traditional fuel sources. The typical blends of ethanol that you will likely encounter at the pump the next time you go to fill up are E10 and E85. These numbers refer to the amount or percentage of ethanol present in the fuel source. If you are going to fill up with E85, you need to make sure that you have a fuel-flex vehicle ahead of time because that percentage blend of ethanol is not compatible with standard engines. However, if you are looking to try out E10 for your next trip to the gas station, that particular blend of ethanol should work in most engines as long as they were made after 1980.

Think About Natural Gases

Natural gas with a high methane content is going to be a much safer choice for the environment than traditional fuel sources. The types of natural gas available now include compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG). There is a very low chance that your typical motorcycle will be able to run on these fuel sources, so it is important that you check your bike’s specs before you go to fill up with either of these options. It is possible to have traditional gas engines to be converted to accept CNG fuel.

Conservation is Always Key

No matter what type of fuel you consider, conservation is the safest way to reduce your bill at the pump and prevent any harm to the environment. One of the best ways to do this is to share a ride and carpool. You can also try to increase your number of daily steps by walking to nearby errands rather than hoping onto your bike. While this cannot replace your need to drive, some sensible daily choices can pay dividends in the long run for both your bottom line and the environment. It is worth at least a little time for planning your errands.

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