Insurance Rates are Increasing: Breathe Easy Can Help Find Affordable Coverage

Automobile insurance prices are on the rise, according to several sources within the industry. BankRate*, an industry comparison site, reported that auto insurance rates have increased as much as 15% in the past year. Consumer research site Value Penguin** reports that these rates are expected to increase as much as 8.4% throughout 2023.

For those with a DUI on their record, insurance increases are expected. However, with these general increases for all customers, drivers with a drunk driving offense on their record may be concerned about how much they will need to pay.

Breathe Easy is here to help you navigate these increases, and to help you find affordable coverage that meets your state’s requirements. We’ve gathered some frequently asked questions to help you understand the increases. Anyone who wants to save can also contact Breathe Easy for a free quote with no obligation to purchase a plan. Let us find our best rates for you.

Why is Auto Insurance Going Up So Much in 2023?

There are multiple reasons why insurance is going up. The reasons include:

Inflation: Economic inflation has been occurring in many industries. Many consumers have likely noticed the increasing cost of groceries, clothing, etc. as inflation increases. As inflation increases, so do the costs of things that impact auto insurance like medical treatment, labor, and car parts.

Claims: The Insurance Information Institute says more insurance customers have been filing claims and initiating litigation, which drives up costs.

Increased traffic fatalities: NHTSA data shows that traffic deaths and risky driving increased in 2020, to a 16-year high.

All of these factors contribute to the rising costs of auto insurance premiums. Breathe Easy can still help you find affordable coverage, however. We work with a variety of providers, so we can compare and contrast the options to find you our best possible deal that meets your coverage needs.

What Impact Does Having a DUI Have on My Insurance Rates?

A DUI conviction will likely cause you to be labeled as a high-risk driver by insurance companies – high-risk drivers are generally charged a  higher rate. Certain carriers may even decline coverage to customers with this background.

Many states also require convicted drivers to file an SR22 certificate of coverage proving they have adequate insurance protection. The cost of your insurance will almost certainly increase following your DUI, but Breathe Easy can help you find an affordable plan. We work with a variety of providers and will work to find you a competitive quote. Get one for free today.

Is it Possible for Me to Save Money on SR22 Insurance After a DUI?

Yes, it is! Though a DUI will likely make you a high-risk driver, an insurance broker like Breathe Easy can help you find competitive rates. We offer free quotes with no obligation, so let us see what we can do for you. Additionally, your rates may decrease eventually if you have no further violations, and your driving record improves.

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How Does a Broker Save Money Compared to Purchasing Directly from the Insurance Provider?

Brokerages like Breathe Easy can help you save money with our ability to compare and contrast pricing from a variety of insurance providers. Since we work with multiple providers, we’re able to review need.

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Does it Cost Me Money to Get a Quote?

It should not cost any money to get a quote from any provider. At Breathe Easy, we can reassure you that all quotes are free with no strings attached. We think the prices and plan options we provide will be more persuasive than any sort of sales pitch. Get a free quote today!