What You Need to Know about SR-22 and Ignition Interlock Devices

Auto insurance is a necessary part of any responsible driver’s life. Insurance is required by law, and it can also be incredibly helpful if your vehicle is damaged, or you are in a car accident that causes injury to you or others.

If you have a clean driving record, getting insurance coverage at an affordable price is simple. However, it becomes more complicated if you have tickets, accidents, or a more serious traffic offense like DUI on your record.

An SR-22 filing is often required as a condition of regaining driving privileges after incidents like DUI or reckless driving. SR-22 is a filing completed by your insurance carrier that confirms to the state you have insurance coverage. Your insurance provider may raise your rates or even decline coverage following a DUI or other serious offense. Often, showing proof of interlock installation and SR-22 coverage is required to regain driving privileges following a driver’s license revocation or suspension due to an offense.

If you have been told you need an SR-22 and IID, you may be confused about how this relates to your auto insurance and what you need to do. Read on to learn more about SR-22 coverage, IIDs, and how to proceed.

When Can I Get My Driving Privileges Back?

After a DUI conviction, the court will lay out the penalties and obligations the offender is now responsible for. This could include paying a fine, completing community service, jail time, and driver’s license suspension. In some cases, the court may mandate the offender obtain an ignition interlock device and SR-22 insurance. Both are often used as part of the criteria offenders must meet in order to get driving privileges back.

If your current insurance provider does not offer SR-22 insurance, you can purchase a plan from another provider to fulfill this obligation. The provider will file your SR-22 certificate with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles, making them aware that you carry the state’s minimum requirements in liability insurance.

This coverage, plus proof of installation of an ignition interlock device from a state-approved provider, can help you regain driving privileges on a limited basis. Your state will likely lay out the additional criteria that must be met for both limited and permanent restoration of your driving privileges, which often include maintaining SR-22 coverage for three years.

If you fail to maintain at least minimum auto coverage, your SR-22 plan may be canceled and you may face additional penalties.

How Long Do I Need to Pay for SR-22 Insurance?

It depends on the state, and possibly the circumstances of your offense. The court should clarify the SR-22 requirements at sentencing. However, in most states that require SR-22 coverage, you will need to maintain that coverage for three years. In some states, this may extend to five years, so make sure you know your state’s specific requirements to remain compliant. Breathe Easy Insurance can help with SR-22 requirements – in some states we can have your SR-22 filed for you in as quickly as 15 minutes.

When Can I Get My Record Expunged?

When your record is expunged, this means that the offense is removed from your record and cannot be considered by potential employers or landlords. The rules for expungement vary by state when it comes to alcohol-based driving offenses, or DUI. Some states allow for expungement after a set number of years, while others allow it after probation is successfully completed.

Check with your state to know how and when to request an expungement. Since the conviction could harm you in the future – with employment or housing opportunities, for example – you may wish to seek an expungement once it is possible in your state.

How Can Breathe Easy Help with My SR-22 and Ignition Interlock Requirements?

Breathe Easy experts can help you through the process for getting SR-22 insurance and assist with any questions about ignition interlock installation too. Our experts are familiar with state laws and can help you get what you need while remaining compliant with the requirements of your sentence.

Our experts can help you find affordable SR-22 coverage, and file it with the state in as few as 15 minutes once you select a provider. They can answer your questions about IIDs and even help you find an installation location near you.

To learn more about SR-22 insurance and IIDs, contact the DUI-friendly auto insurance experts at Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions, LLC at 833.786.0237  Our licensed professionals will be happy to answer your questions.