How to Lower Your Homeowner’s Insurance Premium

Getting homeowners insurance is important for many reasons, ranging from safety and security to guaranteeing peace of mind. However, as big an investment it is, your insurance policy doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive or out of budget. Here are some tips to lower your premium:

Image of homeInstalling Protective Devices

Did you know that outfitting your home with protective devices such as smoke detectors and alarm systems can lower your premium? When your home features added security features, you’re less likely to suffer damages and file claims as a result. If you find top of the line, advanced protective devices like high definition CCTV cameras and automated security systems too costly to install, know that common devices like sprinklers and fire extinguishers count.

Good Credit History

Did you know that your credit score can also affect your premium? Having good credit history tells insurance companies that you’re less likely to file a claim than those with low credit scores. With a healthy financial profile, insurance providers view you as a low-risk customer, which comes with the reward of lower premiums. Credit history also affects other insurance types, like automobile insurance.

Bundling Your Policies

If you’re shopping for many types of insurance, make sure to ask for discounts if you plan to get from only one insurance company. This is what is commonly referred to as bundling policies. Here at Breathe Easy Insurance, we offer such insurance packages. Feel free to ask our agents about it or if you require assistance in switching to one provider.

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