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We at Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions are often asked about Fresno County, California SR22 insurance and how drivers can get this coverage. To answer questions you may have about this type of insurance, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions which can be found below. If you need answers to any questions that are not listed in the FAQ below, call and speak directly with a Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions agent at 866.822.7755.

Frequently Asked Questions about SR22 Insurance in Fresno County

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1. What is Fresno County SR22 Insurance?

California SR22 insurance is a not an actual insurance policy, but rather it is a certification from a state-approved insurance company documenting that you carry the minimum amount of liability coverage required for your situation. The certificate must be filed with a state-approved insurance company.

2. How Do I Get an SR22 in Fresno County?

Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions can provide you with the low-cost insurance policy you need to obtain your certificate. Call and speak with one of our friendly agents at 866.822.7755. We can provide you with a free quote, and then walk you through the process of filing your SR22 with the state of California.

3. When is an SR22 certificate necessary if I live in Fresno County?

An SR22 certificate may be required for a variety of moving violations, but most commonly, for a DUI conviction. Other reasons that the driver may be required to obtain this insurance include:

- Reckless Driving
- Ticketed for Driving Without Insurance
- Driving with Suspended or Revoked License

Whether you need an SR22 for a DUI conviction or for any other reason, Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions can help. Call us to get a free quote for your policy today so that you can drive with peace of mind while in compliance with the law.

4. I have a DUI and need an SR22 to get my restricted license. How do I do this if I live in Fresno?

This is one of our most frequently asked questions. First, get a free quote from Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions, and then purchase the policy you need. Let us know you need an SR22 filed and we will help you get the paperwork filed. Your certificate can be filed in only 15 minutes by filing it electronically. Next, visit a Fresno County or any other California DMV office, show your court papers and verify that you have obtained the certificate to get your restricted license.

5. How long will I need to keep the SR22 on file in Fresno?

Once filed, the SR22 certificate must remain on file with the State of California for a minimum of 36 months. However, sometimes the court will require that the certification remain on file for a longer period of time. Remember that the SR22 is not an insurance policy, but rather a certificate that is attached to the policy. In order to keep your certificate on file, you must make sure to keep your policy premiums up to date. You will default on your policy if you fail to pay your premiums on time. If your insurance policy lapses, the insurance company is required by law to notify the state and your SR22 will no longer be valid. Your license will then immediately be revoked or suspended.

6. How much does an SR22 cost in Fresno County?

The SR22 is attached to a high risk driver policy so the majority of cost will be for your policy premiums. There is a small filing fee for the paperwork that is required in addition to your insurance payments. Call 866.822.7755 to speak with a Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions agent for answers to all of your questions about the cost of your new policy. Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions specializes in providing high risk drivers with low-cost insurance so you can drive without breaking the bank. We will file your certificate electronically so you can be back on the road in no time.

7. Is Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions, Inc. an SR22 insurance company that is approved by the California Department of Motor Vehicles?

Yes! Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions is a DMV-approved agency that can provide Fresno County residents with SR22 policies. After calling for your free quote, we will match you with a policy that perfectly suits your situation, and then we will file your low-cost certificate to get you back on the road.