Does Homeowners’ Insurance Cover Flood Damage?

Homeowners’ insurance usually only covers water damage caused by leaking pipes, roof leaks, overflow from air conditioning systems and heaters, and fire sprinklers. In other words, the typical policy covers water damage caused by utility and roofing systems, and appliances inside the house, and is unlikely to include water damage from natural causes like a flood. However, homeowners can take out a supplemental coverage plan to protect their property and valuable possessions against flood damage.Image of Home and Lawn

If you live in a flood-prone area, it is strongly advised that you consider this supplemental coverage, on top of your regular homeowners’ insurance policy, to provide you with an extra layer of protection in case the worst happens.

What Things are Covered by Flood Insurance?

The house or property and its foundation are covered by the insurance. This means that should floodwaters damage the property, repairs or replacement is generally covered. Utility systems such as electrical and plumbing, and central A/C and heater are also included. Damaged appliances like a cooking range, refrigerator and dishwasher, permanently installed carpeting, paneling, walls, cabinets, and window treatments are also covered.

The homeowner can also include valuable possessions inside the house to their policy. From furniture to clothes, window-installed A/C units, additional carpets, and valuable works of art, all of these can be included in the list of items covered by the policy.

It is best to discuss all stipulations with an experienced homeowners’ insurance advisor/broker to ensure that all pertinent areas are covered.

Homeowners are reminded that they can get this coverage regardless of whether or not their property is situated in a flood-prone area. As a matter of fact, with the extreme weather changes that have been happening lately, it is strongly recommended that you also get flood insurance.

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