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Auto Insurance Information

If you are a car owner, the best way to protect yourself from liabilities should accidents happen is by getting insurance coverage. Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions specializes in providing assistance to individuals looking for insurance that are suitable to their needs. We can also provide you with online auto insurance quotes to expedite processing of your policy.

We are an insurance agency in California with a network of insurance providers and a team of in-house agents who will work tirelessly to get you the coverage that you require—at a premium you can afford.

Car Insurance Coverage

There are several types of coverage for car insurance policies. We can provide you with car insurance quotes in California that only includes your preferred coverage, or our agents can provide you with online auto insurance quotes with their recommended provisions, based on your type of car, lifestyle, and needs.

However, there is one type of coverage required in every car insurance policy: Liability Coverage. Briefly, this type of insurance covers physical and property damages incurred by the other driver, its passengers and vehicleduring an automobile accident where the policyholder was at fault. Insurance does not cover your own physical and property damages.

Limits on coverage vary from state to state. Car insurance quotes in California are therefore designed to comply with the state's DMV regulations. To better understand these limits, please contact our agents at (866) 822-7755. You can also chat with one of our representatives while you're on our website.

Online auto insurance quotes will be forwarded to you for your perusal. Should you have additional questions or concerns, please contact the agent assigned to you.

Other Types of Coverage

As mentioned, Liability Coverage does not include damages to your car when you are the driver at fault. If you wish to have coverage for your own car repairs after an automobile accident, you can include a Car Collision provision in your policy.

This will take care of the repairs following an accident. The amount is generally pegged at the fair market value of your car.

If you're driving a new or expensive car, it is recommended that you get Comprehensive Coverage. Where Car Collision coverage only covers damages incurred during an automobile accident for which you were at fault, Comprehensive Coverage covers ALL damages to your property regardless of the cause. This means that if you suddenly found a scratch on your car without knowing who did it, or your car was damaged due to acts of God, the repairs will be paid for by your insurance provider.

The last coverage to consider is the Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage. This covers damages in excess of the at-fault driver's liability coverage, or pays for damages during an accident caused by another driver where the at-fault driver does not have insurance. Having this coverage protects you and passengers of your car following an accident.

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