Protecting Our Youth

Summer is the season that gives us long days and even longer nights, and many young and lack of experience drivers will be on the road for the first time.  The 100 days between Memorial Day and Labor Day are recognized as the deadliest for teens.  It is noted that collisions involving young drivers increase dramatically during this time.  This summer the Department of Insurance along with the CHP, Impact Teen Drivers and the Ford Motor Company’s Driving Skills for Life program got together and created a unique workshop for young drivers.  This workshop allows young drivers to partake in behind the wheel simulation of how it would be if a driver is impaired.  This is such a great idea, but let’s be honest, most of our young drivers will not have the opportunity to participate.  Most drivers will never experience driving impaired through simulation but will through real-life hands-on experience, and this is why driving impaired/distracted is such a dangerous act.  We as adults, parents and more experienced drivers, must set a good example for those who are behind the wheel for the first time.  We must make the effort to educate our young drivers and teach them that “one mistake or poor decision can lead to painful and life-altering consequences from fines and increased insurance rates to the unthinkable – injuring or killing another person,” said Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones. (Insurance, 2018).

If you think that overdose is the number one killer of teens in America today, think again.  The number one killer of teens today are traffic collisions.  CHP Valley Division Assistant Ryan Stonebraker said that “driving under the influence of any amount of alcohol or drugs, or even the slightest distraction, like reaching for a cell phone, can have devastating repercussions.” (Insurance, 2018) .  Not only is drunk driving a danger, so is driving under the influence of THC, and the more you consume the higher your chances are of crashing or getting pulled over and getting a DUI.

If you do end up making the choice of driving impaired and do get a DUI, you will find yourself in a long and expensive battle to get your license back.  Between the court fees, the cost of the attorney, drastic rise of your insurance premium for three years, and filing your SR22, you will find yourself spending upwards of $10,000.  However, if you do end up in this predicament, please call us as Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions.  We will help you find affordable insurance and file your SR22 with the DMV for you.  We will provide you with expert insurance advice and solutions in a very difficult time.