What Should You Put in Your Car’s Emergency Kit?

Jumper Cables Should be in Your Emergency KitFor your safety, you should always keep a few emergency items in your car’s trunk. However, during wintertime, you should add a few additional items to prepare for the worst. Yes, though rare, you can even experience snow and ice in California. There are emergency supply kits sold in stores, but these premade packs often lack important items and/or contain items of inferior quality. The best solution is often to gather your own items into a bag to store in your trunk. Consider the following items.

  • Cell phone charger: Most people don’t leave home without their cell phones, but what if the battery runs out and you’re stuck somewhere? Keep a car charger in the glove box so you can always call for help.
  • Flashlight: The last thing you want is to be stuck at night with limited visibility. Keep a flashlight with extra batteries in your car so you can look in your car’s hood, signal for help or any variety of other uses.
  • Jumper cables: Did you know that car batteries run out of juice faster in the cold? With jumper cables in your car, you can get help or assist another driver who needs help getting his or her car started. Once juiced up, drive straight to a dealership or auto supply store to get a new battery.
  • Sustenance: Keep non-perishable food and a few bottles of water in your car in case you get stuck for a while, like if there’s a big accident ahead and traffic is at a standstill.
  • Flares: On the off chance that you cannot call for help or that help cannot locate you, sending up a flare lets nearby people know that you need assistance.
  • Ice scraper: For those rare days when there’s snow and/or ice buildup on your car, an ice scraper comes in handy. Remember to clear all of the windows, mirrors and lights for optimal visibility.
  • Cat litter, sand or salt: Any of these gritty substances are good for helping your tires regain traction if you get stuck in snow or ice. Sprinkle it in front of the drive tires to help get you going again.

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