The True Cost of a California DUI

The True Cost of a California DUI

dui-arrest Most people are aware of the dangers of drinking alcohol and then getting behind the wheel. The increased risk of being hurt or hurting others in an accident should be ample evidence to deter anyone from driving a vehicle after drinking, however, this clearly is not always the case.

Here, Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions provides a look at the fees you will need to pay if you are convicted of a DUI. Not only will your car be impounded, costing several hundred dollars to recover it, but you will also be required to pay several costs and fines. However, the costs do not stop there.

Auto Insurance Rates Will Rise
If you are convicted, or even arrested, for a California DUI, you can expect your insurance rates to rise. Many people believe that the rise in insurance costs will only apply for a short period of time. When you have been arrested for or convicted of a DUI, you will be required to file an SR22 certificate with the state. The cost of the insurance policy to back the SR22 will be significantly more than you paid for a standard insurance policy. Though you may only be required to keep the SR22 certificate on file for three years, your premiums will still remain higher for as long as 15 years after your arrest. Breathe Easy can file your SR22 away from your existing car insurance policy, to help prevent such dramatic increases in your premium costs.

Costs for Retrieving Your Impounded Vehicle
When you are arrested for a DUI, your car is towed and impounded. When you go to retrieve your car from the impound lot, you will be required to pay for the towing and impound storage to get your car back. In most cases, the cost of retrieving your vehicle will be at least $650, even more if your car sits in the impound lot for several days. The lot tacks on storage charges for every day your car remains on the lot.

DUI Programs
If you are convicted of a DUI, you will need to enroll in a DUI class to fulfill your obligations to the court. There are many excellent programs that Breathe Easy Insurance can help refer you to.

Attorney Fees and Fines
When you are arrested for a DUI in California, you will be required to appear in court. It is never a good idea to go through such an experience without legal representation. Court costs, fines and attorney fees can easily add up.

License Reinstatement Fees
To have your license reinstated, or to obtain a restricted license, there will be more costs associated. For more information about getting your suspended license reinstated, see this post on

Drinking and driving puts yourself and others’ safety in jeopardy. In addition, a DUI can be quite costly. If you add all of the above costs, you will find that a California DUI can really pile up. However, if you are dealing with a DUI conviction and attempting to find cheap SR22 insurance, Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions is here for you. We offer affordable California SR22 insurance, and we can get your SR22 certificate filed with the DMV in 15 minutes. Call a Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions specialist at 866.822.7755 for your SR22 insurance quote. Our specialists are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you may have about California SR22 insurance.