Tips for Avoiding DUI Arrests over the July 4th Weekend

Woman holding american flagBreathe Easy Insurance Solutions would like to give our customers and the general public some quick tips on how to avoid check points and a possible DUI arrest. Being one of California’s leading provider in SR22 insurance, we have a vast knowledge of how many of our clients have been pulled over for a DUI. We wanted to share some of our knowledge and data to help drivers avoid this possible situation.

July 4th is a great weekend to celebrate our country’s independence. However, police departments understand that excessive drinking will occur and they set up DUI checkpoints and have DUI patrol task force units specifically looking for DUI’s.

Here are some simple steps you can take to avoid an unfortunate circumstance:

  • Check resources like Mr. Checkpoint for DUI checkpoints in your area, even if you had one drink and you know you are under the legal limit of .08. You still may be arrested for DUI, it has happened before!
  • Create a plan to get home before you start drinking.
  • Call a taxi service and ask where the best pickup area is…
  • With the advent of Uber, drivers are always available, you may expect long wait periods if in a high capacity area. However, the alternative is much worse if you get behind the wheel.
  • Avoid areas that are filled with citizens consuming large amounts of alcohol. Such as, Newport Beach, this area attracts a lot of police presence. They even have drunk tanks in the middle of blocked streets. Law enforcement will have a heavy presence and you may be pulled over quite easily.

If you are pulled over for a DUI:

  • Remain calm; there is no reason to panic. You want to remain calm and keep your composure, do not be argumentative with the officers. You want to be as polite as possible to not escalate them to perform testing, even if you feel you have had barely anything to drink.
  • You want to be polite, but you do not want to start answering all the officers’ questions and incriminate yourself. If the officer asks, “have you been drinking?” Simple ask the officer a questions such as, “What gave you that impression, or ask if the officer would like to see your documents?” You are under no obligation to answer the officers questions.
  • You are under no obligation to give a field sobriety test if you feel it will give the officer a reason to suspect you have been drinking.
  • If you are asked to give a breath prior to arrest your best strategy is to refuse. Now remember, you have to give a blood or breath test after you have been arrested. If you refuse that test it is a mandatory one year suspension.
  • If you are arrested and are not under the influence of any drugs, to our knowledge it is best to submit to a breathe test.

If you have been arrested:

  • Consult and attorney and make sure you choose the right attorney. If you want good results the cheapest attorney is not always the best.