Thanksgiving Travel Tips

Heavy traffic on freewayThanksgiving Travel Tips

Did you know that Thanksgiving is the busiest travel time of the year? Of course you did. But even with that knowledge, we can all use some tips around this holiday to help to save us some time and possible frustration.

Road Travel
While driving to your holiday destination may save some money in your pocket, it can still come along with it’s own headaches.

Heavy traffic not only causes distress to the drivers and passengers, but all of the stop and go activity can wear on your vehicle. Avoiding the freeways on the Wednesday and Sunday following Thanksgiving Day are great ways to help prevent being stuck in traffic.

Another great way to help avoid bumper to bumper gridlock is to plan your route ahead of time. Utilizing a GPS, a maps app such as Waze, or even a good old paper map can help you to do so.

Don’t forget the details! Packing snacks, water, and change for the tolls can be a real timesaver. Thinking ahead can help to save time in the long run.

Air Travel
A great way to save some of your hard-earned money is to forego checking a bag when you fly. Many airlines now charge to check bags, so packing a light carry-on is a great alternative.

Like traveling by car, avoiding to fly the day before Thanksgiving and the following Sunday, can help you to beat the holiday travel rush.

Several of the airlines offer online check-in, which can save a ton of time at the airport. In addition, using an app that reports the latest wait times for security lines, such as MiFlight, can also save precious time.

Thanksgiving Holiday travel is something that most of us at one point will do, so remembering these helpful tips can help to save you and your family, time and money!

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