Set an Excellent Example For Your Teen Driver

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Set an Excellent Example For Your Teen Driver

You may have noticed that when you added your teen driver to your existing insurance policy, your insurance rates likely increased. The reason for this is because teens tend to engage in riskier behavior, such as reckless and aggressive driving. Before you lecture your young driver about the dangers involved in driving, take inventory of your own behavior. Do you model defensive driving to your child when she is with you in the vehicle?

One very important factor often overlooked when discussing teen driving is the effect of their parents’ driving habits on their behavior behind the wheel. Teen drivers often mimic their parents’ and other adults’ driving behavior. By modeling defensive driving to your teen driver, you will reduce your child’s exposure to bad driving habits and risky behavior behind the wheel.

Modeling Good Driving Habits

You may have lectured your teen driver about safe driving habits, but unless you model good driving behavior to her, your words may be in vain. You need to practice what you preach to your teen driver every time you are behind the wheel. Though this concept seems simple, you would be surprised if you knew how many parents fail to do just that when driving. Peer-reviewed research by the Liberty Mutual insurance company and Students Against Destructive Decisions in 2012 discovered that 91 percent of parents were observed by their teens talking on a phone while driving. In addition to talking on the phone, teens in the study reported observing their parents engaging in numerous dangerous activities during driving, such as texting, driving under the influence and speeding. This and other studies repeatedly demonstrate that parents’ behavior strongly influence their teens’ driving habits.

The importance of modeling good driving habits to your teen is indisputable. Take note of the way you drive, particularly when your teen is in the car with you. Evaluate your behavior through the eyes of your teen. If you do not drive the way you would want your teen to drive, correct your behavior and model safe driving for your teen 100 percent of the time.

Talking With Your Teen Driver About Road Safety

In addition to modeling good driving habits, keep an open dialog with your teen about safe driving. A few tips for encouraging good driving habits include:

– Stay positive rather than commanding the teen about what they should not do.
– Try not to offend or condescend to the teen when discussing safe driving practices.
– Celebrate the teen’s good driving behaviors instead of focusing on mistakes.
– Drive home the consequences of dangerous driving practices. Show your teen with data, videos, news stories and the like, instead of simply lecturing him/her.

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Insuring a Teen Driver

Though your insurance rates will likely rise when you add your teen driver to your policy, your teen may qualify for certain discounts. Check with your insurance agent to see if your teen qualifies for a student discount. Inquire about a rate change if your teen driver takes a defensive driving course. Ask your agent if she is able to suggest other ways you may be able to to lower your rates. If you are considering a new insurance company, consider Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions. We offer affordable rates for all drivers. Call (866) 822-7755 to speak with an agent today.

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