Selecting a Defensive Driving Course

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Selecting a Defensive Driving Course

Are you considering taking a defensive driving course to lower your insurance rates or maybe, the court has ordered you to attend a DUI program? Whether you are seeking out a class to minimize impact to your driving record, qualify for lower insurance rates or fulfilling a court order, choosing the right defensive driving course is essential for obtaining your goal.

Why Take a Defensive Driving Course?

If you are a defensive driver and you just need to brush up on your driving skills, a defensive driving course can provide a refresher for things you may have forgotten. Additionally, you will learn about new laws and regulations in your state. You may have gotten a citation and taking a defensive driving course will keep the points off of your driving record. You may just want to qualify for a rate reduction with your insurance company. If you have been convicted of a DUI or some other serious moving violation, you may be required to take a driving course. Regardless of the reason for taking the course, your first consideration needs to be selecting a course that fulfills your objectives.

Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions provides the following tips to assist you with selecting the driving course that is right for you.

– Ensure the Class You Choose Fulfills the Necessary Requirements

Not all defensive driving classes are created equal. For example, if you are fulfilling a court requirement for a California DUI, you must attend these classes in person. California does not approve any online classes for this purpose. Call or check the website of the Department of Motor Vehicles to find courses that are approved by the state. If you want to take a course to reduce your insurance rates, check with your insurance carrier for recommendations for a course that will get you the most bang for your buck.

– Consider Your Style of Learning

You may have the option of taking your defensive driving course in person or online. Online classes offer convenience, and can save you time and gas money. However, some people learn best in a classroom environment. Either option can range from four to 12 hours over one or several days, depending on the curriculum. Research your options thoroughly before you select a course, keeping in mind how you will best learn and retain the material. Consider your learning style, cost and time commitment, and then select the option that works best for you.

– Check the Reviews

Like any other product in today’s online culture, defensive driving courses are usually reviewed by those who have taken the courses. Research the online reviews to see what others are saying about the course you are considering.

– Do a Cost-Benefit Analysis

Brush off the old math skills and determine whether the course you are interested in is worth the cost in the big picture. For example, if you want to take a course to get better insurance rates, do not spend a fortune on the course just to save a few pennies. Make sure that your defensive driving course is an investment and not just an added expense. This is why you will want to check with your insurance carrier to get a few course recommendations. If you want to take a course to keep points off your record, a higher cost for a course may be worth the expenditure in the long run.Breathe Easy Insurance Office

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