Road Trip: San Francisco

View of Golden Gate Bridge

You have probably seen plenty of pictures of San Francisco online and on television, but nothing compares to visiting this fabulous city for yourself. This is why it has become one of the top travel destinations in the country for people of all ages. It has so much to offer in terms of food, scenic views, history and culture, that you could spend weeks here and still not see everything. No matter how much time you have to spend in this wonderful city, the following highlights should not be missed before you head back home.

The Golden Gate Bridge
No trip to San Francisco would be complete without at least taking a look at the Golden Gate Bridge. You can walk, bike or drive over the Golden Gate Bridge as you gaze up at the perfectly painted surfaces. This suspension bridge welcomes visitors from around the world, and you can stop at any point for a photo of the man-made wonder. Visit at day’s end when the fog rolls in for a spectacular shot. Even if you are afraid of heights and would prefer not to drive over it, you can still enjoy its splendor by taking a visit to Crissy Field. One of the cooler views of the Golden Gate Bridge is to see how the afternoon fog at the Marin County side of the bridge makes it appear to disappear around the halfway mark.

The Ferry Building
San Francisco has long been known for its incredible local foods. The Ferry Building serves as a monument to local chefs and restaurants and is the perfect destination for any serious foodie. You can find almost any type of food in this area, and it is sure to be served by some amazing chefs. There is no shortage of competition for restaurants in San Francisco, which means that this city always has something new to offer for phenomenal dining.

The Civic Center
The San Francisco Civic Center is home to countless spectacular performances of all kind. Whether you are interested in a jazz concert, the ballet or a play, you can find something to entertain audiences of all ages at the Civic Center. This relatively new event center has the acoustics to bring the music to life. Ballets and standup acts are also popular acts to see too.

Golden Gate Park
Even though you may have only heard of the Golden Gate Bridge, its nearby park is where all of the real action happens. There are plenty of activities to try for travelers of all ages and you are guaranteed some prime people watching opportunities. Grab a picnic lunch or head out to the museums in Golden Gate Park when you need a reprieve from the busy metropolis. At about 4.5-miles long, this grand park has nature’s wonders while preserving the arts and sciences within architecturally pleasing structures. Both kids and adults alike will love this outing.

Take a ferry over to Alcatraz Island that stands solitary in the middle of San Francisco Bay. This famous prison was designed to keep some of the most notorious prisoners at bay. You can take self-guided tours here while walking into cells that still have some of their memorabilia from years past. No trip to San Francisco would be complete without at least a tour of this infamous prison. There is plenty to learn and read about in this historic attraction through guided tours or on your own.

The Castro
San Francisco is known for its open-minded views, and the Castro district reflects that. This district is brimming with cultural attractions and historical buildings. It is also home to some major cultural icons. This is the perfect place to explore at your own pace, especially if you have an interest in culture and history. If you arrive on the right day, you may also see a parade.

The Steep Hills of San Francisco
San Francisco has a grand total of 43 steep hills that are just waiting to be explored. Corona Heights and the peak of Lombard Street are favorite destinations, along with Buena Vista Park where you can relax after trying to beat the local parrots to the peak.

Famous Cable Cars
Travel like the locals do by hopping on a cable car. These electrically driven transports allow you to hang off the side for a roaring good time as you climb and drop down each hill. Buy an all-day ticket so that you have the freedom to explore the city without standing in line. The cable cars are a combined fun ride and functional way to move around this densely packed city.

Local Cuisine Finds
Foodies unite in San Francisco because this city has a diverse population with recipes in tow. Head out to Chinatown, scope out a parked food truck or seek out those exclusive restaurants on the rooftops. You’ll even find popup restaurants if you keep up with local, social media updates.

Mission Murals
Head down to Mission Street in Downtown San Francisco to find eclectic murals painted against many walls. These art pieces are courtesy of Diego Rivera who was happily in love with Frida Kahlo in the 1930s. He decorated this beloved city with unique images.

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