Proper Car Care Maintenance

tire-careProper Car Care Maintenance

As a car owner, performing regular maintenance on your vehicle is probably one of the best things you can do to help save money on future repairs. During the summer months is when more time is typically spent on the road, so it’s a great time to get to catch up on any maintenance basics or scheduled inspections to help catch anything before it becomes a problem.

Tire Care Check-Ups
The rising temperatures during the summer months affect the pressure within a vehicle’s tires significantly. Improperly inflated or deflated tires places the driver at a higher risk for accidents due to tire blowouts or roadside flats. This unwanted situation can be avoided by regularly inspecting the pressure of the tires.

Drivers throughout California are enjoying better gas mileage when the tire pressure is within the recommended range suggested by the manufacturer. Information for the proper tire pressure PSI rating can be found in the owner’s manual for the vehicle or on the manufacturer’s tag located on the driver’s side door. Tire service providers throughout the state can provide assistance in this area if the information is not readily available.

Oil Changes
With drivers spending more time on the road during the summer season, this means vehicles experience more wear and tear. This is evident when inspecting a vehicle’s oil. Dark or sludgy looking oil may mean that it is time for an oil change. Manufacturers suggest that vehicles have an oil change service performed after every 3,000 miles of use. This specific recommendation does change with different vehicles, the specific type of driving that the vehicle is used for, and the type of oil that is used during the oil change service.

Fluid Level Monitoring
Coolant, brake fluid, and transmission fluid are as equally important as the oil used in the vehicle’s motor. The fluid levels should be monitored within a vehicle on a regular basis. Drivers should make it a habit to inspect for leaks under the hood of their vehicle or on the ground where their vehicle has been parked. Should drivers notice any leaks, contacting a professional automobile service technician can prevent accidents, break-downs, and high emergency service fees from being encountered.

Brake Maintenance
Every driver understands the importance of having proper working brakes on their vehicle. Even what may seem to be the simplest of problems within an automobile’s braking system can have devastating results. California drivers should always consult a brake specialist if they hear noises associated with their vehicle’s brakes, fluid leaks around the inside of the tire well, or have a longer-than-normal braking experience while driving.

Hose and Belt Inspections
For a vehicle to perform at its peak, it is imperative that the many hoses and belts under the hood be in tip-top shape. At high temperatures, the rubber components used to create these parts can heat up causing additional wear to occur. A simple visual inspection of the hoses and brakes can prevent the driver from finding themselves stranded on the roadway where unnecessary accidents can occur. Drivers that do not have adequate skills for performing inspections on their vehicle’s hoses and belts should take advantages of the many vehicle inspection services offered throughout the state of California.

Air Conditioner Care
California can really heat up during the summer months. The temperatures make the AC in a vehicle more of a necessity than luxury. Low Freon levels, faulty belts, or damaged compressors can be more than a distraction for a driver. In fact, in some situations that have been recorded, faulty AC has led to unwanted accidents and injuries when traveling the roadways.

Air Filter Servicing
Air filters are the heart of every vehicle’s vacuum system. Clogged air filters allow dirt and debris to be sucked into the many systems throughout the vehicle. Drivers can find themselves faced with serious repair needs for their automobile if regular air filter replacements are not conducted.

Windshield Wipers
It comes as no surprise that when a driver’s vision is impaired that accidents often occur. Having windshield wipers that are in good condition deliver a better level of visibility by allowing the driver to remove rain, bugs, condensation, and other particles that can distort the view throughout the vehicle’s front or rear windows.

Clean Car Care
Cleaning the vehicle inside and out delivers more than just a better visual appeal. Should drivers find themselves in a situation where they must stop quick or wish to drive with their windows down, items within the car that do not have a proper storage place can cause injuries or distractions. These problems can be avoided by regularly cleaning out the vehicle and removing any unnecessary items. Drivers will also enjoy a higher resale value on their vehicle by decreasing damage such as surface scratches, paint discoloration, and rust.

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