Motorcycle Insurance Discounts You Need To Check Out

motorcycle riderWhat you pay for motorcycle insurance depends on the kind of risk the company thinks you will be, your driving history, the kind of motorcycle you ride, your age, gender, marital status and where you live. However, what you pay also depends on the discounts you know about and can discuss with your independent insurance agent. Ask about the following.

  1. Multi-vehicle discounts: If you use the same insurance provider for your car, truck and motorcycle, you should ask about a multi-vehicle discount. For some insurance providers, this can save you up to 35 percent.
  2. Theft recovery: Motorcycles are easier to steal than most other vehicles. So, if you take the time and invest in a theft-recovery system, you could receive a discount up to 20 percent.
  3. Homeowner: If you own a home, you are considered less of a risk because of your financial stability. And, just like a multi-vehicle discount, you can ask about a multi-policy discount to bundle your home, car and motorcycle insurance together.
  4. Lay-up: If you don’t ride during the winter, talk about a lay-up policy. During the off-season, your coverage can be reduced to only what’s necessary, in order to save you money while your bike is tucked away.
  5. Motorcycle safety course: Even if you’ve been riding for a few years, a course can help you stay safe on the road. Most insurance companies will offer discounts if you successfully complete a certified motorcycle safety course. And safer bikers tend to have fewer claims.

Lower your risk today and lower your insurance premiums. Take a safety course and have a conversation about discounts with your insurance provider.

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