How Breathe Easy Insurance Can Help Drivers with Excessive Speeding Tickets

Excessive  Speeding Tickets?

Breathe Easy Insurance specializes in SR22 insurance, to cover all of your auto needs. An SR22 is a certificate proving you have the minimum requirement of liability insurance for your state, and it is mandatory to regain driving privileges. For instance, those who need an SR22 include drivers who have an excessive amount of traffic tickets.

With Breathe Easy Insurance, you can be confident that all situations will be handled with the utmost care and strategic planning, so you can breathe easier and relax. We only work with the top auto insurance companies who have an expansive range of insurance solutions for you and your situation.

excessive speeding

 Just over the past month, nearly 2,500 drivers were ticketed for driving over 100mph in California. This has been a significant increase by over 80% ever since the stay-at-home order was mandated. Some points to remember:

  • What is considered driving at an excessive speed on California’s freeways?

    • California Vehicle Code Section 22354 states that speed limits can be posted as less than 65mph on state highways. Excessive speeding is whenever a driver goes above these lower limits (when and where there is a posted speed limit). Moreover, California Vehicle Code Section 22348 presents the penalties given for driving over 100mph on state highways.


  • What are the penalties for driving at an excessive speed?

    • Fines for excessive speeding can start at $35 and go higher than $500. For instance, motorists can typically get charged around $35 for going 1-15 miles per hour above the set speed limit. In cases where drivers are driving faster than 100mph, California Vehicle Code Section 22348 states that:
      • The first offense usually results in at least a $500 fine and a 30-day license suspension.
      • The second offense can result in at least a $750 fine and a six-month license suspension (if this takes place within three years).
      • The third offense can result in at least a $1,000 fine and a license suspension up to one year.

These fines do not include paying for assessments or court fees, which can occur. Moreover, do not ignore the speeding tickets that you receive. If you do, you can be charged with a misdemeanor for failing to address it and for not appearing in court for the citation. This can result in another fine of up to $1,000 and/or up-to six months in county jail.

Motorists who are ticketed for excessive speeding will also receive one point on their driving record. If they accumulate four points within the year or six points within two years, their license can become suspended due to negligence. For motorists who get a ticket for driving over 100mph, they will receive two points on their driving record and have to show up in court.

  • Do you have to attend traffic school if you’re in violation and receive a speeding ticket?

    • Drivers caught speeding under 100mph are often not required to go to traffic school but can voluntarily attend. As a result, they can possibly get one point removed from their driving record after completing a traffic school. However, motorists who drive faster than 100mph are unable to go to traffic school as an option.


  • How can Breathe Easy Insurance help with excessive speeding tickets?

    • If you get an excessive speeding ticket, turn to Breathe Easy Insurance to provide you with a free consultation. BE will assess your driving stance and the next options. To start, BE will first assess your driving record. This includes how many offenses you have accumulated and how long ago your last violation (if any) took place. It also depends on how fast you were going over the speed limit.
    • After taking everything into account, BE can help you reduce your high auto insurance premiums by altering your coverage. You can also pay a higher deductible to lower your premium costs. Moreover, you can take a defensive driving class to possibly remove points from your driving record if you received a speeding ticket for under 100mph. Lastly, you can keep implementing safe driving practices so that you do not receive any more violations or tickets.

Breathe Easy also helps by preparing necessary documents and discussing details with various carriers on your behalf. Be aware that each auto insurance company assesses risks in varying manners. That is why it is essential to have we guide you on the best auto insurance. Also, Breathe Easy will be glad to take the time to explain unfamiliar insurance terms and review policy expectations per California’s auto insurance requirements.


  • How Can You Get Out of a Speeding Ticket?

    • It is typically easier to get out of a speeding ticket if you only went a few miles above the speed limit versus a significant amount. You can try to argue that you were speeding because of an emergency, such as having to go to the hospital.
    • Another way to try to get out of a speeding ticket is by finding fault with the police officer who ticketed you, or the citation itself. For instance, did the officer fill out the citation correctly? How did they record your speed (by radar, laser, or visual estimation?). Was there an obstruction (such as a tree or other vehicle) that interfered with the officer’s radar beam? By taking these notes into account, you can aim to come up with a strong case to contest your ticket in court.


Getting excessive speeding tickets is always a stressful encounter. Yet, Breathe Easy Insurance will help you navigate your next steps, find the best auto insurance for you, and help you get back on the road to safe driving. It is never too late to get new coverage and keep your driving record in good condition.

To learn more about auto insurance and how to respond to excessive speeding tickets, contact the experts at Breathe Easy Insurance at  (866) 822-7755. Our professionals will be happy to answer any questions you have.


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