Driving Safe During the Holidays

The month or so between Thanksgiving and New Years is the busiest travel period of the year. More drivers travel 50 miles or more away from their hometown than any other time in this time frame.

Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions would like to give you some tips on how to stay as safe as possible when traveling the roads and highways this year.

Tip #1: 1000 Yard Stare…

Look as far down the road as possible. This helps you keep the car centered in the lane and allows you more time to monitor your position in traffic and the activity going on around you. Just remember, while looking down the road, take a moment every few minutes to check all of your mirrors. Having a full picture of your surroundings can help you avoid potential dangerous situations no matter what direction they are coming from…which leads us to our second tip…

Tip #2: We Need Some Space…

Maintain the proper following distance so you can comfortably determine the true hazards around your vehicle. By not tailgating and maintaining at least 6 – 8 seconds of distance between you and the driver ahead, you also help prevent traffic jams. If you’re having trouble maintaining that 6 – 8 seconds, use a fixed point on the road or side of the road as a reference. Count the seconds from the time that the car in front of you passes that fixed point until you pass that same point. If you can get to at least 6 than you should be safe.

Tip #3: Keep Your Eyes Moving and S.E.E. Everything…

In motorcycle training you are taught the S.E.E. method of reading and understanding traffic. S.E.E. is an acronym for the words Search, Evaluate, and Execute. SEARCH the road for the safest and smartest path, EVALUATE that decision with relation to how traffic is flowing and where you anticipate other drivers to be when you decide to commit to the path, EXECUTE your decision without hesitation as long as it is clear and safe to do so. Any hesitation might give other drivers the wrong idea and make them think that you may have decided not to transition into your desired path. Use these three simple words to ensure that you are well aware of traffic and remember to always scan the road; don’t stare. Constantly shift your eyes while driving.

Active eyes keep up with changing traffic conditions.

Tip #4: Have An Exit Strategy…

Many times accidents happen because the person in front of you isn’t paying attention to the road. Sometimes they need to stop suddenly and even though you are paying attention you might not have enough time to react if you don’t have the proper distance between you and their car. Leaving space in front and at least to one side of your car gives you at least enough space to get out of sticky situations if you don’t have the time and space to stop properly.

Tip #5: Be Visible…

We know you had to learn how to use those little blinking lights on the sides of your car when you were taking your driving test, but that’s not the only time they should be used. With the weather and road conditions changing during the older months of the year it becomes increasingly important to make other drivers aware of your intentions. Communicate in traffic with your horn, lights and signals to establish eye contact. Try to be completely sure of over drivers intentions before making your next move.

At Breathe Easy we want to make sure our community is insured in more ways than just one. Though we may have the best insurance policies around, we know that being insured in life is more than just a policy. Insurance can come in many forms and preparedness is one of those forms. So, always be prepared for whatever situation may arise and you are sure to have a great holiday season.

From your family here at Breathe Easy, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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