Safe Driving CA

How Self-Driving Vehicles Could Revolutionize CA Traffic Laws

Self-driving vehicles are coming, in the near future, to our surface streets and highways. Uber’s recent tests of automated cars in California are just one indication that there are going to be sweeping changes made to the way we get from one place to another. However, before we see self-driving vehicles on the road, there…

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Driving Safe in the Rain

Driving Safe in the Rain Happy Spring! This season brings new flowers, lush green lawns, and also increased rainfall. While we welcome the rain to supply water to areas that are in a drought, and feed our lawns and flowers, it can at times decrease visibility and traction when driving. When roads are wet but still driveable, following…

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Night Driving Safety

Night Driving Safety Night driving poses additional challenges when compared to driving on a nice, sunny day. No matter whether it is fall, winter, spring, or summer, it is imperative to demonstrate additional caution when driving in the evening for optimal safety. National Safety Council statistics indicate that night driving accounts for approximately 23 percent…

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Staying Safe on Road Trips

Staying Safe on Road Trips   As Americans gear up for the traveling season, millions of people will take to the nation’s highways for vacations, sight-seeing, visiting national parks and seeing family members. Whenever you are preparing to travel, you need to be aware of common types of hazards that can occur and what to…

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PARKING LOT SAFETY: DOs and DON’Ts   Perhaps you ran to the store for a gallon of milk while your daughter was at violin lessons. Maybe you made a quick run before work for the office donuts. Whatever our reasons, most of us are in a hurry when we go to the grocery store, the…

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Set an Excellent Example For Your Teen Driver

Teen Safe Driving California from the Low Cost Leader in SR22 Insurance Breathe Easy Insurance

Set an Excellent Example For Your Teen Driver You may have noticed that when you added your teen driver to your existing insurance policy, your insurance rates likely increased. The reason for this is because teens tend to engage in riskier behavior, such as reckless and aggressive driving. Before you lecture your young driver about…

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What Factors Determine Your Car Insurance Rates?

Factors to Look at for Insurance Rates in California

What Factors Determine Your Car Insurance Rates? There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to car insurance. Rates vary between insurance carriers and from state to state. Rates vary based on the type and amount of coverage the driver requires. Naturally, rates vary from driver to driver, but you may wonder what factors insurance companies…

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Keeping Your Teen Safe While Driving

Auto Insurance Rates California SR22 Insurance Breathe Easy Insurance

Keeping Your Teen Safe While Driving When teens begins driving, it is an exciting time in their lives. It also can be a dangerous time for them. According to the NHTSA, vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for drivers 18 years old and younger. Even though parents may worry about their newly mobile…

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Avoiding Vehicle-Animal Collisions

Avoiding Vehicle-Animal Collisions According to the United States Department of Agriculture, vehicle-animal occur approximately two million times per year, causing about $1 billion in damages. This type of accident increases in the fall and winter seasons each year because of several factors, including mating and migration patterns, inclement weather conditions and reduced visibility due to…

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Selecting a Defensive Driving Course

Selecting a Defensive Driving Course Are you considering taking a defensive driving course to lower your insurance rates or maybe, the court has ordered you to attend a DUI program? Whether you are seeking out a class to minimize impact to your driving record, qualify for lower insurance rates or fulfilling a court order, choosing…

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