How to Buy a Car and Outsmart the Dealer

car-buying-californiaHow to Buy a Car and Outsmart the Dealer

Buying a car is a major financial milestone despite which make or model you are considering. Having a strategy in mind before you even show up at the car dealership can make the process much more efficient and can likely save you a significant amount of money. Investing some time in coming up with the right plan before you go to a dealer to buy your next car can pay off dividends in the end.

Research is Key
With all of the resources available online today, you can find out almost anything you want about a prospective car before you ever talk to a dealer. If you show up to the dealership with a particular make and model in mind, it is less likely that you will get talked into a more expensive option that you did not fully research or budget to purchase. One of the most important parts of this process is to understand the typical price range for the car you are interested in. This way you will know whether you are truly getting a good deal from the dealership.

Wait for the Right Time
The very best time to buy a car from the dealer is typically at the end of the year. This is because most car dealers will have sales quotas they are trying to meet by the end of the year, so they will probably be more willing to offer deeper discounts to move inventory off the lot. Of course, you may not always be able to wait that long in order to make your move. In that case, try to at least wait until the end of the month to show up at the dealership. The same reasoning applies to monthly sales quotas, so you will have better odds at getting a good deal on your next car purchase.

Keep Tabs on the Dealer Discounts
Before you ever show up at the dealership, you should have a list of all the current deals and specials being offered. Scour the internet, take notes from commercials and call the dealership ahead of time to ask about current discounts. You should never assume that the dealership will offer up all of the discounts they have advertised. You need to be armed with as much information as you can gather to be your own advocate through the entire process. When you show up at the dealership and ask for all available discounts and do not receive all the specials you are aware of, you can be sure that this dealer is probably not being honest in the process. It is a good test to tell whether the dealer is negotiating with you in good faith.

Find Extra Financing Options
If you do not plan to buy your next car outright, then you should invest some research into your financing options. It would be a mistake to assume that the dealer is the only option you have for good financing options. Contacting your bank ahead of time to find out your potential rate is a good way to start the conversation with the dealer about financing.

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