SR22 Insurance: 3 Things You Need to Know

SR22 Insurance: 3 Things You Need to Know


woman on the phonePerhaps you have been handed down a sentence that includes a fine and a requirement for California SR22 Insurance. As you walk out of the courtroom, you are panicking at the thought of having to purchase extra insurance. The good news is, you do not have to panic. If you have been required to carry SR22 insurance, there are three things that you must know.

SR22 Insurance Is Not Really Insurance
SR22 is actually a service that the insurance company provides for you, not an actual insurance policy. The insurer will file a form with the state to show that you are properly insured. It is often referred to as insurance because it is an extra service on your policy.
The insurance provider will continue to file this paperwork with the state or as long as you pay for the service. In many cases, the court requires you to carry SR22 for three years.
If you are required to have this service, all you will need to do is talk to your insurance company about adding the service. Most companies offer this service for a fee. However, fees do vary by company and you may want to call around for cheap SR22 insurance quotes.

Your Insurance Rates May Change
There is a cost associated with SR22 insurance. However, your insurance company may raise your actual policy rates because of the moving violation you received or accident you were involved in that has caused you to have the SR22 service.
You will also have to speak to your provider about payments on your insurance. Some states require policies to be paid in full at time of purchase when SR22 is required. Additionally, some insurance companies also have this same requirement. You will need to work with your insurer to determine how your policy is going to be paid.

SR22 Insurance Is Not Required Forever
In most cases, the court will only require you to carry SR22 for up to three years. The good news is, this is also the length of time any violations will remain on your record. So your license and insurance problems can be over quickly.
It is important to remember that when the requirement is over, you should notify your insurance company. Your insurer will continue to charge you for this service until you request that it be stopped. Your rates will then drop because the service is no longer provided.

When You Need California SR22 Insurance
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