Tony J. Leyva

DUI Liaison | Business Relations Manager

EMAIL: [email protected]

CELL: 559.978.0836

SALES: 833.935.3274

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Before coming to Breathe Easy insurance (BEIS), Tony Leyva attended California State University Fresno and earned a Law Degree at Monterey College of Law. Upon graduation from Law School, He clerked for a respected Criminal Defense attorney for over nine years. Tony worked closely with the attorney on thousands of DUI cases, and he represented clients at hundreds of DMV Hearings on behalf of the firm. While assisting clients through the DUI Process, Tony learned about the various effects of being charged with a DUI on insurance rates and the benefits of installing an Ignition Interlock Device.

For the past three years, Tony has worked as a DUI Liaison and Business Relations Manager. He has provided hundreds of hours of Educations at DUI Programs as an invited speaker. Tony continues to stay current with all IID Laws and SR22 requirements.

Tony works closely with DUI Programs and attorneys throughout the state and represents BEIS at DUI Symposiums, Conferences, and Webinars. Tony also continues to be a part of a unique partnership with Santa Cruz County, a local DUI Program, and the Office of Traffic and Safety that aims to reduce the number of alcohol-impaired driving fatalities and injuries.

Tony is passionate about helping people get "back on the road," both literally and figuratively.

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What our clients are saying

After receiving a DUI in California, especially their first, clients can be baffled about the license reinstatement process. As a DUI Resource Specialist, I have become one of the first points of contact for DUI offenders and potential clients after their arrest. I am able to get new clients into the appropriate DUI classes, but when it comes to their insurance needs, it’s a seamless handoff to Breathe Easy Insurance. Tony Leyva and the staff at Breathe Easy give a 110% effort to insure my clients are well informed and make the right decisions when it comes to SR22 policies and Ignition Interlock Device installments. Top notch service all the way!

- Bruce Cline, DUI Resource Center

Facing a DUI is very stressful for all of our clients.  The conditions and restrictions imposed by the court can seem overwhelming at first.  Tony Leyva at Breathe Easy Insurance has been a real asset to most of our clients.  He has been able to navigate our clients through the process, help them with their DMV issues and answer all of their questions.  Nobody should go through this alone.  Tony Leyva steps up each and every time we send him a client. His patience and his knowledge of all things DMV-related have made all the difference for our clients

-Jamey Dolowich, Taylor and Dolowich