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Was your driver's license revoked due to a DUI or other conviction in San Joaquin County? Now you are working on getting it reinstated, but have been told you need an SR22 from your auto insurance company.  Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions is here to help you through the confusing pile of paperwork that comes with the reinstatement process while ensuring that you are carrying the right insurance to meet the requirements of the court.

An SR22 is a certificate provided to the DMV by your insurance company declaring that you have purchased an auto insurance policy that provides the minimum liability coverage required as part of your reinstatement process. At Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions, not only will we work with you to find a policy that offers all the protection you need, but one that works with your budget and still meets your SR22 standard.  Depending on your conviction, you may need to maintain the SR22 certificate with the court anywhere from three to ten years.

Finding SR22 Insurance in San Joaquin, CA

One of the biggest challenges you may face upon being eligible for reinstatement is locating an insurance company around San Joaquin County that is ready to take care of your insurance needs.  Your old insurance company may raise your rates or simply refuse to offer you coverage.  At Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions, we will offer you an auto insurance policy that meets the California DMV requirements for SR22 standards and our customer service representatives are focused on providing support and information, helping you move forward with your life.

Cost of SR22 Compliant Insurance in San Joaquin County, California

You may have heard that SR22 compliant insurance comes with an extremely high price tag. However, you should know that your premium is determined by several factors, only one of which is your SR22 compliance status.  We work hard to provide affordable policies with flexible payment plans that will help you get back behind the wheel and on track to move on with your life.  It's a good idea to talk to our agents and compare our rates against other insurance companies. We want you to discover all the protection and service that Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions can offer.

Filing your SR22 Certificate in San Joaquin, California

Once we have helped you find the certified policy you need, Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions will digitally file the SR22 certificate with the DMV.  The DMV is then free to release your restricted license without any further hesitation.  Just remember to keep your compliant insurance up to date to maintain your license to the end of the court-ordered probation period.

We offer SR22 Compliant Insurance for the below cities within San Joaquin County:

  • Acampo
  • Charming
  • Escalon
  • Lathrop
  • Lodi
  • Manteca
  • Mountain House
  • Ripon
  • Stockton
  • Thorton
  • Tracy
  • Victor
  • Woodbridge

Resources for San Joaquin County California


Learn all about the county and find resources for affordable housing, school enrollment procedures and connections for a wide range of commercial and industrial businesses.  San Joaquin County offers international connections through a deep-water port, air, and rail systems.


Find all the information you need for registering your vehicle, applying for a driver's license, and all the rules and regulations of the road.  Online portals provide the ability to make payments and renew accounts that are in good standing without waiting in line downtown.


Reach out to your local law enforcement officers for information and assistance whenever you face an uncertain situation. The San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office provides coverage for all communities in the county.

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