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An SR22 certificate is issued to high-risk drivers by their insurance carrier. When you purchase compliant policy from Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions, our agents electronically file your San Diego County SR22 paperwork with the state so you receive an approval as quickly as possible. Once you receive state approval, you can obtain your restricted license or have your suspended or revoked license reinstated. Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions can help you get back on the road again in no time. Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions provides cost effective SR22 insurance to San Diego County drivers.

The minimum amounts of coverage required by the State of California for SR22 certification are:

- One person, bodily injury or death: $15,000
- Two people, bodily injury or death: $30,000
- Property damage coverage: $5,000


Filing an SR22 in San Diego County

If you are required by the court to file an SR22 in San Diego County for a DUI or another driving offense resulting in a license suspension or revocation, the first thing you need to do is contact a California DMV-approved insurance carrier. Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions is a California state-approved insurance company that can assist you with filing your SR22 for San Diego County. Our inexpensive San Diego County SR22 insurance provides the coverage you need to be in compliance without costing you a fortune. Call 866.822.7755 to speak with a Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions agent today for a free SR22 quote. Our competitive SR22 rates will help you fulfill your legal requirements while keeping within your budget.

More Information about the San Diego California SR22

Many San Diego County drivers have questions about SR22 insurance when they are facing a DUI conviction. Our California SR22 Insurance FAQ will address a few of your concerns. If you need additional information, call a Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions specialist at 866.822.7755. We will provide you with a free quote and assist you throughout the process of filing with the state.

San Diego County SR22 Insurance FAQ

1.) What is a San Diego SR22 insurance certificate?SR22 insurance California

An SR22 is a form that is filed with the California DMV by your insurance company and it establishes a line of communication between the state and your insurance agency. An SR22 is not an insurance policy, but rather a document certifying that you meet the minimum liability requirements by maintaining a high-risk driver policy; it proves that you carry enough insurance to cover the other drivers and property in the event of an accident.

SR22 insurance does not provide full coverage to the SR22 driver. The SR22 states that the driver maintains the minimum amount of liability insurance required by law.

2.) When is an SR22 required by someone who lives in San Diego County California?

An SR22 is required when the driver has been convicted of a DUI, or of driving without a valid license or insurance. An SR22 can also be required if the driver has been convicted of a reckless driving offense.

3.) How long is an SR22 filing necessary?

In most cases, you will need to keep your San Diego SR22 on file with the state for 36 months. However, the court can impose requirements for you to maintain your SR22 for as long as five years. While within the court-mandated period, you cannot cancel or default on your policy. If you do cancel or default, your insurance company is required to report the action to the state, and your license will be immediately suspended.

4.) What is the cost of an SR22 filing?

The cost of the SR22 filing depends on the cost of your insurance policy. Expect to pay three to five times more for an SR22 compliant policy than for standard insurance. The insurance agency will charge a small filing fee to submit an SR22 form to the state.

For more information about obtaining a San Diego SR22, call 866.822.7755 to speak with a Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions agent.