Policy Renewals: 3 Things to Keep in Mind

insurance-policy-caPolicy Renewals: 3 Things to Keep in Mind

Most auto insurance policies renew yearly, although sometimes they are renewed on a 6-month basis. If you currently have California SR22 insurance, the minimum length of coverage is 36 months. This means that your coverage will renew at least two times during this period.

For those who are in the process of preparing to renew either your California auto insurance, here are three important aspects to consider during renewal time.

Your Coverage Can Change

Renewal time is a good time to review what kind of coverage you have. If your needs have changed in the previous year, you may need to reassess the coverage that you need.

Suppose your new job requires you to be on the road an additional four or five hours a week, perhaps you would benefit from adding roadside assistance to your vehicle. Or maybe your household members have changed and you need to add an additional driver or vehicle.

Lower rates may be available based on how often you use your car. If you don’t drive that often, or have a short commute to work or school, you may be eligible for reduced rates. Every provider has a different definition of low mileage, so it’s recommended to keep track of your daily mileage.

Change How You Pay for Coverage

Everyone is out to find great rates for insurance coverage, so giving thought to how you pay for your premium is the second item to double check at renewal time. Let’s say that there have recently been some financial changes in your household, and now you prefer your coverage to be paid monthly instead of in full yearly. Adjusting your payment schedule to suit your budget or to coincide with when you receive your salary is an option while paying for protection.

Renew Before Your Policy Expires

Most companies will send out your renewal documents 30-45 days before your term expires. They do this so that you have adequate time to review the policy and make any necessary changes. Renewing before your expiration date will help prevent any possible cancellations, which can result in a lapse of coverage.


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