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SR22 insurance is a mystery to many people. If a driver is convicted of a DUI, an accident without insurance or is found to have too many points on his driving record, he must purchase an SR22 compliant insurance policy to legally drive. If you have had your license suspended in Oakland for a DUI or some other serious moving violation, you will most have your driver's license restricted and to qualify to receive your restricted license, you will need to have an SR22-compliant insurance policy in place.
An SR22 is not insurance, per se. It is a certification from your insurance carrier that verifies that you are covered with the state’s required minimum amount of liability coverage. If you are required by the court to file an SR22, this certificate must remain on file with the DMV for a minimum of three years. The court can mandate the form remain on file for longer, but three years is the standard requirement.

Once you file your SR22 with the DMV, you must be sure to never allow your insurance policy to drop or lapse. If the insurance premiums are not paid on time, your insurance company is required by law to notify the CA DMV. The DMV will then automatically suspend your license.

SR22 Insurance Cost in Oakland CA

SR22 insurance cost varies based on the insurance carrier you choose and the coverage you need. Some insurance companies do not even offer SR22-compliant insurance while others charge exorbitant rates to insure drivers with DUIs or other driving violations on their records.

Finding a Low-Cost SR22 Policy in the City of Oakland, CAsave money on your SR22 compliant policy

When you know how to approach the task, finding a compliant insurance policy in Oakland can be easy. You could call several insurance carriers and ask for quotes. You could spend gas money driving around town to inquire about rates. Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions is a one stop solution. We can handle your SR22 filing with the DMV and get you back on the road in no time.

Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions provides low-cost SR22 policies that will accommodate any budget. Our rates are so competitive that you won’t have to look any further. Our helpful agents are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Why wait? You can be legally driving again in just a few days. Call a friendly Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions customer service representative at 866.822.7755 to learn more about the cost of our SR22 compliant policies and get a free quote.

Filing an SR22 Insurance Certificate in Oakland, CA

When you choose Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions and purchase your cheap state-approved policy, your Breathe Easy agent will electronically file your SR22 with the DMV. You can just sit back and relax. Nothing could be easier than getting your SR22 policy from Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions. Call 866.822.7755 to speak with a Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions specialist today to get started. It only takes 15 minutes to get filed once you choose your policy. Let Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions get you back behind the wheel and on your way. Once your SR22 is accepted by the DMV, you can apply for your restricted California license.

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California Department of Motor Vehicles

When you file an SR22 certificate in California, the record is maintained by the California DMV. If you choose Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions as your SR22 insurance carrier, we will expedite your paperwork by electronically filing your SR22 certificate with the California DMV. It only takes 15 minutes to get filed once you buy your state-approved policy. Don't put it off. Call today.

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