Important Ignition Interlock Device Information

How do I know if I am eligible for an IID restricted license?
For a first and repeat DUI offense with or without injury, a person may immediately apply for an IID restricted license at the end of their 30-day temporary license or before the suspension date after the DMV hearing.

May a person install an IID during the 30-day temporary driver’s license?
Yes. A person may voluntarily install an IID at any time; however, DMV credit begins once the temporary license expires or on the effective date of their suspension. They have to provide proof of enrollment in a DUI program (Form DL-107), proof of SR22, proof of IID (Form DL-920), and paid all fees required by the DMV.

Can a person who charged with a refusal still opt for an IID restricted license to drive immediately?
No. Upon arrest, a temporary license will be issued for 30 days. Depending on the number of offenses, the DMV may determine the license will be suspended for 1 to 3 years. The DMV suspension needs to be satisfied before a person may be eligible for an IID restricted or restricted license.

What will happen to my license if I fail to comply with the IID program?
If a person fails to comply with the IID requirements, the period in which the person is not in compliance is not credited towards the term for which the IID is required. Their driving privileges will remain suspended for the rest of the original suspension or until all reinstatement requirements are met.

Where do I go to get an IID?
Call 866.822.7755, Breathe Easy works with the nation’s best IID provider with guaranteed locations near you. We will assist you in determining your eligibility, filing an SR22 and setting up your IID appointment. (Note: same day appointments may be available).