How Does Horsepower Affect Insurance Rates?

There’s no denying that the type of car you drive plays an important role in your insurance premiums. Higher horsepower ratings, in particular, can significantly increase your rates and may even produce higher deductibles, too. Today on the blog, we will be discussing the meaning of horsepower in the eyes of insurance companies.


Sports Car Front Insurance

Sports Cars Drive Up Your Premiums

Let’s start with the easy example of sports cars. Your California auto insurance rates will be higher if you drive a Ford Mustang as opposed to a Honda Civic. The Mustang’s engine is far stronger than the Civic’s, making it potentially a faster car to drive.


It’s the Engine, Not the Car

Perhaps you decide to purchase a Toyota Camry instead of a Mustang or Civic, but you can’t choose between a four or a six-cylinder engine. What’s the difference as far as insurers go?

The difference is noticeable. The amount of power the car’s engine has is directly correlated to the insurance quotes you’ll get. A car with fewer cylinders most likely has lower insurance premiums associated with it. The number of cylinders isn’t what they’re measuring, though; they’re measuring the horsepower.


What Exactly Is Horsepower?

Horsepower is one measure of an engine’s potential power. More horsepower means your car accelerates faster, and you don’t have to press the pedal to the metal when you’re speeding up. A car with a lot of horsepower only needs a small nudge on the gas pedal to significantly increase its speed.


What Type of Car to Purchase for the Cheapest Auto Insurance Rates

If you’re still unsure of whether you want to purchase a sports car or sedan, it’s best to get a quote on each prior to making a purchase. Many times, when people are shopping for a new car, they forget to compare car insurance rates between different models, which can really make a big difference.


Sports Cars Insurance Rates

At Breathe Easy Insurance, we understand that you’re looking for the best possible auto insurance at a price that you can afford. Feel free to contact our team today to learn more about our great rates and to also get advice on what to look for when searching for a new car. We have years of experience in the industry and can quickly tell you the types of cars that seem to fetch the highest car insurance rates.


California is known for its great road trips and vacations, even for those who live within the state. That’s why it’s so important to search for great auto insurance rates in California. Driving a modest car is the best way to lower your rates but, if you just can’t go without a sports car, it is still possible to score a great deal. Contact us today for a free quote!