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Having your drivers license suspended or revoked because of a DUI, an uninsured driver arrest, an accident or another serious moving violation can turn your life upside down. Your license may be suspended for a variety of reasons, including having too many points on your drivers license. However, the result of any of these offenses is usually the requirement for you to maintain an SR22 filing with the State of California. Though many people believe that this filing is actually insurance, this is not correct. An SR22 is a form that is filed with the California Department of Motor Vehicles that certifies the driver is covered by a state-approved insurance policy.
A state-approved insurance policy must remain on file with the DMV for three years in Bakersfield, CA. Sometimes, the court will require a filing to remain in place for a longer period of time. If at any time during the three-year period your coverage lapses, your insurance agent is required by law to notify the DMV and your license is automatically suspended. SR22 insurance cost will be higher than a standard insurance policy. In addition, your insurance carrier will probably charge a small filing fee to process a certificate. However, Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions offers low cost SR22-compliant policies that fulfill all requirements of the State of California. Call 866.822.7755 to speak directly with a Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions customer service representative for free insurance quotes for Bakersfield. Our dedicated agents electronically file insurance certificates with California, so the process for getting your license is expedited.

Finding Low Cost SR22 Insurance in the City of Bakersfield

Only state-approved insurance companies can issue this type of insurance. If you are new to the process, you may be confounded with regards to finding a state-approved insurance carrier to issue your policy. However, finding low cost insurance that fulfills the requirements for an SR22 filing is not difficult. You can secure a cheap state-approved policy and get your certificate filed right from where you are right now. Just call a Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions specialist for fast, cheap insurance quotes. Choose a state-approved policy and you are on your way to legally driving once again.

Filing Your SR22 Certificate in Bakersfield

Filing your certificate is something your Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions representative will take care of for you. When you call for your free insurance quotes, select the policy that is right for you, and the agent will electronically file your certificate with the DMV. The certificate only takes 15 minutes to get filed once you have secured your insurance policy. Once your SR22 has been filed and accepted by the DMV, you simply visit your local DMV office, pay the required fee and get your restricted license or have your original license reinstated, depending on your situation. In case you wonder about the insurance cost, rest assured that Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions provides the most competitive rates in the industry. One of our cheap insurance policies is sure to accommodate your budget.

Resources for Bakersfield

City of Bakersfield

The city of Bakersfield is located about 110 miles north of Los Angeles, in the central southwest sector of the state of California. Bakersfield is the county seat of Kern County. The city of Bakersfield provides a convenient smartphone app for residents and businesses to report pot holes, graffiti and other community issues.

California Department of Motor Vehicles

The California DMV maintains all SR22 filings for three years or more. To obtain your restricted license or reinstate your suspended license, you must have a certificate on file with the California DMV.

Bakersfield Police Department

The Bakersfield Police Department employs 389 police officers to keep the community and surrounding areas safe for residents and businesses. Those interested in employment with the department can sign up for the employment newsletter and alerts on the department’s website to be notified via email when new positions become available.