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Breathe Easy Insurance specializes in SR22 insurance, we can protect your current insurance premium while filing an SR22 that will allow you to obtain a restricted license. All we need is your simple contact information. If you are at work or cannot call us at 866.822.7755, fill out our contact form below, and will get right back to you. We have helped thousands of people in your situation, lets see how we can help you!


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SR22 Insurance Certification and Auto Insurance

A red mark on your DMV record can make it difficult for you to get the license to drive again. You may be given a temporary permit and placed on probation for a time. Usually, the driver will be required to present the DMV with an SR22 insurance certification from their policy provider. The insurance provider takes care of forwarding the certificate of insurance to the DMV.

Upon learning about a driver's DMV record, whether it's for a DUI or reckless driving, insurance companies will do any of these three things: increase your premium if you are en existing policyholder, refuse to renew your insurance, or outright reject you if you are considering taking out a policy with them. Breathe Easy Insurance knows the challenges drivers face when dealing with insurance companies, especially with a DMV record marring their otherwise spotless reputation. We also know that a cheap SR22 insurance certification and coverage are not that easy to find.

SR22 Insurance Certificate Professionals

SR22 Insurance Certificate Professionals (866) 822-7755

Current Policyholder

If you are a current policyholder in need of an SR22, you can expect to see an increase in your premium. But with the help of Breathe Easy Insurance, we can secure your SR22 insurance certification and protect your current premium at the same time. Our agents are experts at obtaining SR22 certifications and negotiating with insurance providers to maintain the current premium or lower the rate increase.

Our agents can immediately send you SR22 insurance quotes upon your signal. Contact us immediately at (866) 822-7755 to speed up the processing of your insurance quotations.

New Car Owner with a DMV Record

With an existing DMV record, before you can be allowed to get behind the wheel, you will be required to get a car insurance and present a proof of insurance in the form of an SR22 certificate of insurance. With a request for an SR22, the insurance company may give you a higher-than-average premium because you are considered a "high-risk" driver.

We have successfully negotiated with insurance providers on behalf of our clients to get them insurance coverage with a premium they can afford. Leave it to us to find a cheap SR22 insurance for you!

With our network of leading insurance providers, we guarantee that we can get you the most affordable SR22 insurance in California.

If you are at work and unable to call us at the numbers mentioned above, just complete our online form and we'll send you SR22 insurance quotes as soon as possible.