No one is safe from getting a DUI. “Why don’t you be my girlfriend” singer Justin Bieber is one of the latest famous offenders. Driving a Yellow Lambo, our Wall of China climber was pulled over in Miami at about 4am for driving 55 in a 30 mile an hour zone. 4 am? Probably not driving to work.

Pulled over by Miami’s finest, he was noted to drop a few “f” bombs, and with his witty song lyrics, I am sure he serenaded the police officers with a colorful array of words. Not only was he arrested on a DUI, but they also found prescription medicine and marijuana on him, and an expired license. Thank goodness he decided to take a young lady along with him on a joyride, because what fun is it if you only put your own life at risk?!

Hopefully, Mr. Bieber’s experience will give him an epiphany, and he will employ a driver. I mean if he can get his body guards to carry him up the Great Wall of China, why can’t he get them to drive him around.

Anyhow, Justin, or Justin’s assistant, give Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions a call when you need a DUI. We will set you up with and SR22 and get you back behind the wheel in no time. An additional note – just because you live in California, don’t think you will escape the consequences of a DUI that you receive in a another state. Lot’s of people think that it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t happen at home. Well it does. Remember the DUI on your record may stay on the charts, longer than your record!

Natalia Novacek

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